Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen engaging drama with the engagement of Ekam (Hitesh Bharadwaj) and Harleen (Isha Malviya) happening. The dance floor was set on fire by the two girls Nehmat (Twinkle Arora) and Harleen who danced stupendously. However, drama plagued the happiness around the event, as Advait (Rohit Purohit) sent his man to kill Nehmat and make it appear as though it is an accident.

The lighting pole was about to fall on Nehmat when Ekam heroically saved her. They became a talking point as people were angry that Nehmat who is Ekam’s ex-girlfriend came to ruin the ambience.

As we know, Nehmat went to the court to file a lawsuit against Advait. Advait who is hellbent on killing Nehmat will make yet another attempt.

The coming episode will see Nehmat and the lawyer being hit by a speeding car. There will be chaos as the lawyer will be brutally injured. On the other hand, Shamsher Kapoor will realize that Nehmat’s accident has happened. Advait will panic and will be on the verge of eradicating all possible clues that can point towards him.

Will Nehmat be safe after the accident?