Haiwan: The Monster 01 September 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Randhir injected himself with the portion since his machine rejected it to save the city.

Haiwan: The Monster 01 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Amriti warns Gia

Today on Haiwan: The Monster 01 September episode begins with Randhir (Param Singh) fighting off the Haiwan and shooting his electric bullets at it. He rejoiced at the Haiwan went blind. The Haiwan turned around to attack Randhir furiously. The truck driver stopped the truck and jumped out. Amrita reached the site and ordered her crew to remove the obstacles. Gia’s men informed her that police route had been blocked. Gia decided that now her own Haiwan must have attacked the truck, and police would never know about it. She would claim her insurance worth millions then. Randhir was attacked by the Haiwan. Ansh reached him on the bike. Randhir jumped downstairs and left on the bike. Ansh came to fight the Haiwan. The Haiwan clutched his neck and held him up in the air. Randhir and Ansh made the Haiwan run from the site.

Ansh and Randhir spotted the police vans. Amrita stopped him from climbing the truck. Randhir said he was just taking the truck to pave way for people. In the truck, Randhir asked Ansh where they were taking the truck. Randhir said they will go to Gia, police would follow and they would get them caught. Gia was with an assistant in the bedroom. She got a call from someone informing about the ruined plan. Amrita followed Randhir to Grewal Pharmaceuticals. Randhir said he wanted to meet the owner of this company. Gia came outside. Amrita spoke to Gia and said she was aware it was robbery, but no one saw the thieves. Randhir pointed out that there was no robbery, the boxes were already sealed. Amrita questioned Randhir but Randhir said he only wanted to impress. Amrita questioned Gia an explanation that why the boxes were empty. Ansh took Randhir away. Amrita told Gia the boxes were loaded empty meant someone else was also involved; that was called an insurance gambling.

Gia questioned if she was accusing her. Amrita replied not at all. She was just giving out a warning. Gia came inside and found Randhir there. Randhir posed as if he wanted to use the washroom, and left with weird body language. Gia told her scientist to read the memory of Haiwan. At home, Amrita asked Dharam to live with her. Dharam got a message from Randhir and went to give him the keys. Amrita took the keys and came outside. Randhir laid on the car with his wine bottle. She told him to be mindful, her father was his driver not a slave and must be respected. Randhir flirted with Amrita. Amrita left. Ansh reached and noticed Randhir had some bruises on his arm. Ansh pointed that it can be poisonous or allergic. The next morning, Gia was working out. She got a message that Grewal Pharmaceuticals trucks were in police custody. She asked Govind why Deepak never got a statue made. She decided they must now create a statue, and celebrate the insult of Randhir. Meanwhile, their Haiwan would also be ready.

There at Randhir’s place, Randhir and Ansh heard Mantra Aunty and Nisha spoke to the board of directors that they must expel Randhir from Managing Director. It was Nisha’s hard work, and all the pharmaceutical solutions belonged to Deepak. Randhir entered the hall in a bathtub. Mantra said the board wanted to make her an MD, but she refused. Randhir said he had no problem, he couldn’t take care of all the property and business. She must distribute his 25% share amongst board members. The members decided Mantra wouldn’t be suitable, else she would snatch their shares as well. They should keep Randhir as MD. Randhir made them awkward by jumping out of the bathtub. Everyone left. Amrita came to the hall and said Randhir surprised her every time with his weird acts. Randhir tried to flirt her and offered her a sun bath on terrace. Amrita threatened she can still arrest Randhir for the truck theft case. Ansh took her attention by posing an itching eye. Amrita went to him and Randhir ran inside. There, Gia’s team showed all the photos to Haiwan but he couldn’t recognize anyone.

Randhir was working in his lab on his Super Human. He changed the settings of Super Human. Ansh inquired Randhir about Amrita. Randhir asked if Ansh liked her. Ansh had his back towards Randhir, and told him he loved Amrita since childhood. He felt butterflies in his stomach whenever around her. He saud it seemed he was in love with Amrita, but wondered how he should tell her. Randhir had his headphones on and didn’t hear. He took them off and hugged Ansh that it was wonderful. He played the video of Gia’s lab, which Randhir had left there. He told Ansh he had to complete the experiment before Gia’s second Super Human. Ansh cheerfully left for his love affair. Gia came to her lab with her brother. She slapped him before he could speak, and said it must have been something stupid. She called her crew together and said she wanted her Haiwan ready right away, and detered else she will kill the scientist. The team got the second Haiwan ready. Ansh and Randhir watched the video. Randhir said Gia will activate her new Haiwan today, and would attack Ansh.

Ansh said they will take care of it. Randhir said they had no way to bear that Haiwan, except for his Super Human. Gia thought her new Haiwan will revenge for her Old Haiwan, and they would be extremely rich. Tomorrow, when the statue of Randhir’s father would unveil; it would be the birth of her second Haiwan. Randhir thought his Super Human would work correct. Gia activated her second Haiwan. It began to move on the bed. The scientific teams moved back as the electric currents moved in the body of Haiwan. Randhir’s Super Human didn’t accept the potion which made him extremely positive. It didn’t match the DNA. Ansh stopped Randhir and inquired his plan. Randhir said he will not inject the solution in Super Human anymore, and would inject in himself instead. Gia cheerfully watched her second Haiwan destroy everything. She thought as she injected this devilish solution in this Haiwan, it would turn wild. Randhir told Ansh that the harm had been done.

Gia was releasing her Haiwan, and they couldn’t take any chances. Ansh continued to stop Randhirl if he had gone crazy. Randhir told Ansh that the solution would not work on robotic specimen. But it would work on Human DNA. Ansh stopped Randhir but Randhir wasn’t convinced. Gia injected the potion in Haiwan. Randhir instructed Ansh to inject the solutions in him. He said the timer was on, and they were left with only one minute. They had to believe in his own solution. Randhir injected the solution using a large syringe as Randhir stood in a container. Ansh observed the bodily transformations in Randhir. He gulped and recalled the other instruction, then injected the other solution so that his emotions and heart stayed in balance. Randhir’s Super Human began to breathe heavily and his body jerked. Ansh pulled off all the plugs of the container, as he didn’t want to lose his friend. All at once the container was turned off and Randhir fell off the container. The machinery at the lab went off. Randhir’s body fell off of Ansh’s hand. The written update of 01 September 2019 Haiwan: The Monster episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Haiwan: The Monster, watch Gia went to Randhir’s house to find Deepak’s diary and hit Randhir on the back of the head with a bottle resulting him to faint. Stay tuned!

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