In Naagin season 4 written update 7th March 2020 episode Vishaka pretends to be hurt and manipulates Dev. Brinda tells everybody that Vishaka is a fraud but Vishaka lies and Dev argues with Brinda. Manyata frees herself.

Naagin Season 4 Written Episode Update 7th March 2020: Vishaka Manipulates Dev

The episode begins with Vishaka asking Mundika to send goons to a factory and tells that she is taking Dev there. She plans to harm Dev but not murder him. Later, Dev gives Brinda a doctor’s visiting card and tells her to go and get her tests done. They have a romantic moment. Vishaka interrupts them by asking Dev to accompany her to the factory. Dev, on the other hand, asks Mili to take her to the doctor. Brinda stops Dev and asks Vishaka to go alone, says her husband will come with her to the hospital. Dev asks Vishaka to go to the factory. Brinda messages Rajat to reach the hospital and make sure Dev doesn’t see him. They reach the hospital with Lily and Mili. Dev stands outside while Brinda asks Mili to go and be with Dev. Brinda tells Doctor that actually Lily is pregnant and asks her to check her. Brinda comes out and becomes a small snake to come out of hospital hiding from Dev’s eye. Rajat is waiting for her in the parking lot.

When Rajat tells that she herself called him she gets it that it was Vishaka who did it. Brinda questions why he uncovered that she is pregnant before everybody, she gets shocked to hear that he wasn’t in town. Brinda is in a fix. Vishaka calls Dev and asks him to come to the factory. Brinda calls Mili and tells her that she will not harm her. Mili says you are Naagin, that’s why I am scared. Brinda asks her to do research on Vishaka Khanna. She searches her room for clues. There she finds some jewellery. She finds factory papers with her signature on it. She is very confused about Vishaka’s actions and she decides to check on her and Dev in the factory. Mundika hears her and thinks Vishaka should know.

In the factory, Vishaka puts her plan in action. She acts as if the goons are kidnapping her while Dev beats them up. Dev gets locked in a room while Vishaka pretends to seek help. Brinda reaches the factory. The goons push Vishaka in the room where Dev is locked up while Brinda spots the goons. Brinda becomes naagin and shocks the goons. She tries to manipulate Dev. Brinda scares the goons. Vishaka sweet talks Dev and reveals that she is falling for him. Dev patches her wounds up and tries to take her to a doctor. The goons try to hurt Brinda but overpowers them. Meanwhile, Dev takes Vishaka to a doctor. Mili learns that Vishaka is a fraud and tells the same to Brinda. Brinda comes out and tells everyone that Vishaka is a fake investor. Dev brings Vishaka home and tells that she has saved his life. He argues with Brinda. Vishaka reveals about Naagmani to Brinda to win her trust. Brinda questions the signatures on the factory papers. Brinda says that she will keep an eye on her and Vishaka asks her to keep an eye on her in-laws.

Brinda goes. Mundika asks why did you tell her about Naagmani. Vish says she told her deliberately. Brinda hears Vrushali telling that Manyata eloped from the room of the temple where she had kept her captive and had locked the door also. Manyata frees herself and runs out. Brinda and Dev share some romantic moments. He comes near her and asks if she will sit with her in Holika Dahan. She asks him not to force her.
Manyata gets away and asks help from a vendor. She takes the phone in exchange for her bangles. On the other hand, Dev takes a key from the drawer and leaves whereas Brinda watches him.. The episode ends with Manyata calling her.

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