In Naagin season 4 written episode 8th March 2020 episode Vishaka splits into two parts and the other part becomes Dev. Vishaka in Dev’a form kills Manyata and Brinda decides to take revenge on Dev.

Naagin Season 4 Written Episode Update 8th March 2020: Vishaka in Dev’s form kills Manyata

The episode begins with Brinda getting Manyata’s call. She tries to talk to her but can’t hear her well.  Manyata reveals that she has escaped from captivity. Manyata further tells Brinda about Naagmani and reveals that she is in great danger. However, Brinda hears only a few phrases. She thinks Maa is talking about Dev and recalls Dev telling that he is going to make arrangements of money. Brinda thinks she is betrayed big and thinks to settle scores with Dev first. Dev meets an investor in his office.

Vishaka and Mundika follow Manyata. She asks her to fool Manyata. Manyata tries calling Brinda, but her phone is off.  Vishaka’s twin takes Dev’s form. Vishaka asks him to wait for her instructions before finishing off Manyata. Brinda reaches Kanheri mountain jungle and becomes human. Mundika distracts Brinda. Dev’s lookalike finds Manyata while Brinda searches for her in the forest. Manyata is shocked on seeing Dev but soon realises that it is Vishaka and not Dev. Vishaka reveals that she will get the secret of Lal Tekri Mandir and also the Naagmani which is with real Dev. Manyata tries to become a snake, but she can’t become naagin. Vishaka reminds her that she had sacrificed all her naagin powers when Nayantara died. Manyata tries to free herself but Vishaka bites her.

The real Vishaka offers her help to Brinda who refuses to listen to her. She asks her to leave but Vishaka manipulates her by showing Dev’s car in the forest. Brinda recalls Dev telling that he is going to arrange money. Vishaka asks her not to trust Dev. Brinda says I don’t trust you. Vishaka follows her. Brinda holds her neck and says if you come on my way then I will kill you with my hands. She asks her to be saved from her. Vishaka’s other half is taking Manyata and with her other hand sends a signal to the real Vishaka. Vishaka in Dev’s form brings Manyata to a cliffside and asks her the secret of the Lal Tekdi Mandir. Brinda reaches the cliffside and finding the apt moment the fake Dev stabs Manyata in front of her. Brinda sees them from far and becomes a snake. The fake Dev stabs Manyata on her chest and she falls down on the ground. Fake Dev thinks to do acting to get naagmani from Manyata to keep Brinda in misunderstanding. She vows to take revenge on Dev. Manyata tries to tell her the truth but her health deteriorates. Brinda tries to take her to the hospital but Vishaka blasts the cliffside killing Manyata. Brinda becomes a snake and comes down. She asks Manyata to wake up and says you are icchadhari naagin and these stones can’t do anything to you. She asks her to open her eyes. She shouts and promises to take revenge on Dev.

Vishaka is happy about her successful plan as Brinda intends to kill Dev as revenge. Dev reaches home and tells that there is good news. He tells that he got a big investor for his project. Akash, baa and Vrushali get happy. Dev asks Akash to check the papers. He tells that he wants to make his life better with Brinda. Brinda takes Manyata to the crematorium ground and tells that she had given a chance to Dev once, and forgiven him for Nayantara’s murder, thinking she misunderstood, but now she will not forgive him. Everyone asks Dev where Brinda is. They are furious with Brinda’s disappearance while Swara tries to call her. Meanwhile, Brinda is still reeling with what she saw at the cliffside. Dev is worried and angry with Brinda as she had promised him to sit with him in the puja.

Vishaka comes to Dev and tells that Brinda has injured her and tells that she wanted to sell his side of the factory and has signed on the factory papers. Baa says Brinda can’t do this to which Vrushali says she can do anything. Vishaka manipulates Dev and his family that Brinda has run off with Rajat.

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