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In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 2nd March 2020 Episode Kuhu accidentally spikes a coffee mug with a sleeping pill. The following morning Abir is supposed to perform the pooja in the temple, but he fails to wake up.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 2nd March 2020:  Abir fails to wakeup for the pooja

The episode begins with Kuhu recalling how angry she was when Kunal spiked Nishan’t drink and here she was doing the same. She decides against it, however, Abir and Mishti come to the kitchen and the pill accidentally falls in one mug. Mishti takes the coffee tray and Kuhu notices that the pill isn’t there and realises that it fell in one of the mugs. She thinks to stop everyone from having it.

Kuhu serves coffee to everybody and thinks that she is making a mistake despite knowing about the pill. Meenakshi feels Mishti has the spiked cup. Abir comes up with an idea to raise a toast and the cups mix. Meenakshi is unsure of the cup and the cups get exchanged.

Meenakshi tells Jugnu to wakeup Abir on time. Abir teases Kunal about not expressing his feelings. Meenakshi thinks that Mishti can laugh now, but will cry later as Abir will be performing pooja alone. Kunal informs Kuhu about going out after Pooja. She lets him know that she likes attending pooja and she wants to perform the pooja but Kunal explains to her that it’s Abir who does it every year.

Abir and Mishti spend time on the terrace sky gazing and he makes fun of Mishti. She asks him to stop mocking Meenakshi to which he replies that if he doesn’t, it will be unusual of him. Mishti thanks Abir for being supportive and then they have a romantic fight over Abir asking for a kiss and Mishti denying it.

In the morning everybody arrives to go to the pooja. Jugnu informs Meenakshi that Abir and Mishti have left. She thinks how didn’t the pill affect her. Everybody leaves for the temple and Meenakshi asks about Abir to which Rajshri replies they would have come with you. Meenakshi feels happy that the spiked coffee worked. The decorations begin at the temple. Back at home, Mishti tries to wake Abir. Jugnu tells her he lied to Meenakshi and is scared. Mishti calls the doctor and he checks Abir. He inquires about what Abir ate. Mishti recalls Kuhu with coffee.

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