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In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 4th March 2020 episode while Mishti was about to tell the truth Abir gets unconscious. The doctor tells the family that his blood had sleeping pills substance. Meenakshi imagines Kuhu and Meenakshi fighting in front of both families.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 4th March 2020 : Abir gets unconscious

The episode begins with Mishti telling Rajshri to give water to Abir who is unwell and not her. She corners Kuhu and blames her for Abir’s condition and all other things she has ruined in Mishti’s life, but Abir is her husband and she can’t forgive her. Mishti leaves to tell the family truth. Both the families gather around Abir and Mishti arrives there, to tell the truth, but Abir falls on the ground when she is about, to tell the truth. They get him home and the doctor checks him. The doctor tells the nurse to administer saline and take out the drug from his system. Abir murmurs in an unconscious state.

Meenakshi tells Rajshri that she and Mishti were not on good terms but she didn’t take him to hospital and what will happen if his condition worsens. Kunal tells Kuhu that he won’t spare the person responsible for Abir’s condition. The doctor tells the family that Abir’s blood had a substance found in sleeping pills and its a serious case. Mishti narrates the whole incident to everybody. Kuhu goes to the room and cries for letting Abir drink the coffee. As Kuhu is about to go see Abir, Jasmeet enters her room and asks her the truth. Mishti tells everything to Jasmeet and tells Kuhu to blame somebody else. Nidhi informs Kuhu that Meenakshi wants to see her. In the room, Meenakshi asks Kuhu if she added sleeping pills to Abir’s coffee, but she says she doesn’t know. Nidhi hears their conversation and thinks there is something going on.

Maheshwari’s assure Nanu that Abir will be fine, so Kunal and Nanu leave. They inquire if everything is fine between Kuhu and Mishti and Mishti replies yes.

While Maheshwari’s are about to leave Meenakshi asks Kuhu to tell the truth. Meenakshi reveals Kuhu broke the necklace to which she says Mishti broke it as she belongs to a broken family. Mishti hears this and tells everybody that Kuhu broke the necklace and added pills to Abir’s coffee. Everybody gets shocked. They both fight and Meenakshi scolds them for fighting while Abir is ill. Meenakshi blames both of them for Abir’s condition. However, this was all her imagination and nothing actually happened. While leaving Maheshwari’s assure of their availability when needed.

Everybody gathers around Abir and assure Meenakshi that Abir will be fine and there is no need to hospitalize him. Mishti tells Meenakshi that she shouldn’t have complained to Rajshri to which she says she just shared her pain. Mishti apologizes and says she needs an opportunity to learn from her mistakes. Meenakshi tells her that she should inform her first if she makes any mistake. Mishti thanks her and later thinks Kuhu didn’t come to see Abir just to avoid her

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