In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 6th March 2020 Mishti surprises Kuhu by calling everybody and celebrating her birthday. Abir confronts Meenakshi and Kunal apologizes to Parul. Mishti and Abir have a moment.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 6th March 2020 : Mishti surprises Kuhu

The episode begins with Mishti and Abir apologizing to each other. Kuhu cries and blames herself and prays that please don’t punish me for my silence. Maheshwari’s come to Rajvansh house and say that Mishti called them. Rajshri apologizes to Meenakshi for coming so late at night. Meenakshi thinks Mishti wants to expose Kuhu in front of both the families. Mishti comes there and tells everybody she wants to tell something about Kuhu. Kuhu ad Jasmeet try to stop her but Meenakshi asks her to speak. Kuhu gets scared. Mishti points and Abir comes with a cake. He wishes Kuhu and everybody else as well. Abir thanks Mishti for her idea. Mishti thinks she doesn’t want to be the family-breaker.

Kuhu makes a wish saying nobody should know the truth and cuts the cake. She feeds cake to everybody. She hugs Mishti and thanks for not exposing her. Mishti says she did it for the family’s happiness but she isn’t happy and will never forget her deeds. Meenakshi says everybody will be giving Kuhu gifts and Kunal asks her if she wants jewellery or outdoor trip. Abir sees Meenakshi and tells her how did she allow Kunal to blame Parul. He adds that she herself wouldn’t do that but wanted Kuhu to blame Mishti. He says he doesn’t want to be a part of her lie. She says your promise is valued, but my sons don’t trust me, whatever I do.
Abir asks how shall I trust you, your voice has pain, but you are still turning away. She looks at him and says please give me a chance, I want to know who did this with my son.

Mishti sends Kunal with a bin to Parul who was sweeping. Parul tells him that he doesn’t need to say anything. He apologizes for his behaviour. Meenakshi asks Abir what he wants her to do, he says he doesn’t want her to do anything, no drama, this family stays happy. Mishti calls Abir and he smiles seeing Kunal apologizing to Parul.

In the morning Meenakshi plays sitar and remembers Abir’s words. Abir wishes Kuhu happy birthday. He tells Parul to give Kuhu a gift to which she says she won’t let the chance go as it’s her right. Abir goes to his room and says whether are they taking shifts to sleep. He sees pillows under the blanket and says he feels like a bachelor so should have an affair. Mishti comes to beat him but they fall on the bed. They have a moment but Kunal comes. He asks Abir to help him to buy Kuhu a gift. Kunal says he doesn’t know anything about jewellery or clothes. Abir doesn’t let Kunal inside the room. Mishti kisses Abir’s hand from behind and Abir says kiss and then rubbishes it saying gift anything. Abir asks Mishti what was that. She says it was my right so Abir says she could have asked in front of Kunal. She says if you would be brave you would have kissed in front of everybody. He says challenge accepted and says its husband’s duty to understand his wife. She calls him weird. Parul gives tea to Meenakshi and says kids are very happy, it’s Kuhu’s birthday and Holika Dahan at night. Meenakshi asks her to send Kaushal.

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