In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 9th March 2020 episode Mishti falls and Kuhu cries as Meenakshi asks how Mishti fell. Abir and Kunal cheer her up. Mishti challenges Abir to apply colour on her. Abir and Kunal plan to unite Mishti and Kuhu.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 9th March 2020: Kuhu Gets Upset

The episode begins with everybody running towards Mishti. Abir asks her if she is okay. Meenakshi asks Kuhu how did Mishti fall. Abir gets angry and so Meenakshi says she didn’t mean it. Kuhu asks Mishti if she is fine. She says everyone thinks I made her fall since she got all the property as a gift on my birthday, I know I m jealous and irritated, but I m not a vamp to hurt her. Mishti says I just slipped and fell. Kuhu cries as everybody thinks she was responsible for Mishti falling near the fire. Abir and Meenakshi argue and Mishti asks Abir to stop. Jasmeet says that it was Kuhu’s birthday and everybody forgot it but Mishti says that everybody wished her and gave gifts also. As Jasmeet back answers, Vishamber asks Shaurya to take her home. Abir says Nidhi is their family’s responsibility and so Nidhi will say sorry.  Nidhi says I was busy managing saree. Meenakshi invites Vishamber for Holi.

Kuhu cries and Kunal goes to console her. Abir and Kunal try to cheer her up. Abir asks the reason for her anger. Abir says you are worried, I have a right to know, its bro code. Abir says its birthday today and Holi tomorrow. Kuhu says I don’t like Holi. Abir says we all like Holi, Mishti loves Holi. Kuhu says I didn’t make Mishti fall, why didn’t she defend me. Abir asks Mishti to say. Mishti recalls Kuhu’s mistakes and says sorry, I’m feeling sleepy. She goes. Abir goes after her. Kuhu says now you know why I’m upset.

Abir says I have won the challenge. She says thanks for making my mood light, sorry, I came that way from Kuhu and Kunal’s room. Abir recalls last years Holi and says he has everything this Holi and tells Mishti to be the same as she is.  She says you kissed me being worried and now made that the challenge kiss. She applies colours to his cheek and says happy Holi, your next challenge is, you can’t apply Holi first to me. Kuhu chats with Jasmeet about Mishti. Kunal asks her to let it go. He tickles her and asks her to stop complaining. He kisses her and she stops talking.

In the morning, Parul and Nidhi make Jugnu work. He says no one loves me. Mishti says we all love you. She throws colours but he bends and colour falls on Parul and Nidhi. Kuhu says she doesn’t like Holi. Ketki and Kaushal take colours for Mishti but she throws colour on Kaushal. Abir throws colours at Mishti. Mishti moves. Colours fall on Ketki. Mishti laughs and says it’s not easy to apply colour to me. He says I will apply Holi to you and then you have to kiss me in front of everyone. He runs after her. She says game on.

Kunal says that Kuhu should manage the anniversary of the company but Meenakshi says with the fight going on between two sisters, how could she ask Kuhu. She tells Kunal to unite them. He says even Abir couldn’t do it. Abir stops Mishti and is about to apply colour but she tricks him and runs. He throws colours on Kunal. Abir asks for Kuhu. Kunal says Kuhu doesn’t want to play Holi, I respect her word. Abir says Kuhu and Mishti aren’t talking, I can’t see this.

Maheshwari’s come and Mishti goes and hugs Vishamber. Abir also greets them and throws colour on Mishti but it falls on Vishamber. Shaurya says I will apply colours to Mishti first. Mishti says yes. Kunal comes to greet. Jasmeet asks for Kuhu. Mishti says she isn’t well. Jasmeet says I will get her. Rajshri and Varsha go to Kuhu. Kunal and Abir say Ketki is ready, today Kuhu and Mishti will get together.

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