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Rupali Ganguly who is busy with her theater projects gets into a conversation with

It is very important for actors to maintain their innocence: Rupali Ganguly

Well-known actor Rupali Ganguly, better known as Monisha Sarabhai, is enjoying doing her new stage play, Patte Khul Gaye, written and directed by veteran TV and stage personality, Rakesh Bedi.

“Our comic story is based on how technology has come to dominate our lives. We sometimes speak more on the phone, than with the person sitting with us.”

“My middle-class character, along with her husband, played by Anant Mahadevan, throws a party at her place. Seeing everyone busy with their phones, she gets irritated and passes a party rule that if anyone picks up a call, he/she will have to speak loudly in front of everyone.”

“So as a consequence, everybody’s dirty linen comes out of the closet. This is also a dig at our false moral façade. Kishwer Merchant’s rich lady character becomes a catalyst to the above drama that unfolds,” says Rupali, who has done several tv shows, i.e. Sanjivani, Bigg Boss 1, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Parvarrish – Kuchh Khatti Kuchh Meethi, etc.

Rupali was also part of the online version of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. She has taken a long break, post motherhood.

“Another old stage hand Avjit Dutt, coupled with young talent, completes the core casting of Patte Khul Gaye. Working with the newbies (Felicity group) recharges your batteries. It is very important to maintain your innocence as an actor. Take a look at Salman, he still has his charm, no wonder he keeps coming with young girls,” added she.

Talking about the captain of the ship she says, “It is a pleasure working with Rakesh, who obviously also has an important character. He was impressed with my play, Mera Woh Maltlab Nahi Tha, and hence he called me for this. The best thing I like about him as a director is that while on the one hand, he gives his artists complete freedom to do what they want, he also knows when to rein them in and make them follow a given line.”

Few know that Rupali has been doing stage for years. “In fact, it was one of my plays that got me my first TV show (Sukanya). Of late, I have done a lot of good work with Paritosh Painter (last was Selfie).

Here, Rupali defends the sudden profusion of comic plays. “Let’s face it, with ticket prices hitting the roof, would you want to spend your hard-earned money on serious drama, than on light-hearted moments? Having said that, all my plays, including the current, also have underlying social messages as well”.

In closing, Rupali says, “For me, acting is not about money. It is more about living different characters. It is also very important for me to enjoy my work. No wonder I take up fewer roles, for my DNA does not allow me to jump ship mid-stream.”

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