Lillete Dubey and her theatre work

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Lillete Dubey is one of the pioneers in the field of theatre and acting. A versatile actor in the true sense of the term, Lillete has been a part of several projects in India and also abroad. Her theatrical work has traveled across the globe and has been appreciated by both Indian and non-Indian audiences alike.

Some of her most popular works include Monsoon Wedding, Kal Ho Na Ho, Baghban, Bow Barracks Forever, Housefull and many more. In theatre, she is known for her work like, ’30 Days in September’, ‘Adhe Adhure’ (Best Actress Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards), ‘August – Osage County’, Dance Like a Man, ‘Where did I Leave my Purdah’, and ‘Salaam Noni Appa’ amongst others. In 1991, Dubey co-founded The Primetime Theatre Co., with the intention of promoting original Indian writing, and has directed 33 productions for the company so far.

Lillete has been acting for over 40 years, and has played the lead in over 60 productions ranging from Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy, Brecht, Musical Comedies, Farce, Contemporary Drama, Absurd Theatre, to Contemporary Drama, including Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Pinter, Dario Fo, Edward Albee, and Indian playwrights like Vijay Tendulkar, Partap Sharma, Mahesh Dattani, Girish Karnad, Mahesh Elkunchwar. Dubey is also a founder member of the prestigious Delhi based Theatre Action Group.

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