Ekjute Theatre Group along with writer & director Juuhi Babbar Sonii comes with the new play ” WITH LOVE, AAP KI SAIYAARA, in Mumbai on 29th October 2021 8 pm and 30th, 31st October 2021 (2) shows 5 pm & 8 pm. The play is inspired by a character conceived by Nadira Zaheer Babbar.

‘With Love, Aap ki Saiyaara’ is the story of a passionate, urban and undaunted woman. Through the eyes of a modern Indian woman, Saiyaara dares to dream. She dips into her various emotions, explores her own identity, and emerges. This play explores the episode of a modern woman about her dreams and challenges. Written and performed in form of anecdotes. This play works as a bridge between the present and connects with today’s woman.

Actress Juuhi Babbar Sonii, says, “Theatre to me is the foundation of all aspects pertaining to the crafts of acting & direction. I have grown up with theatre and theatre artists and actors. After 9 years, coming with a new play is an exhilarating decision because theatre is my deepest passion. The play tells us of a modern woman Saiyaara and her various emotions. Her dreams, challenges, and life can be connected to common present urban women.”

“I am also a woman, mom, wife, and also I have my career. We have to balance every situation and face many challenges and work hard towards our dream. I am sure everyone will feel connected to the play and everyone will feel Saiyaara at one moment. It’s a new age Saiyaara. I absolutely loved this character. The story is very close to my heart” she adds.