Zarina Hashmi, an Indian artist based in New York renowned for her impactful and minimalist pieces, sadly passed away at 83 after a prolonged illness.

In a statement to the media, Delhi-based gallerist and Hashmi’s friend Renu Modi said, “She passed away after a long illness, but she died peacefully in London where she was living with her niece and nephew.”

Hashmi’s impressive career spanned across the globe, with her works showcased at prestigious locations such as Modi’s Gallery Espace in New Delhi, Galerie Jaeger Bucher in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Mills College Museum in Oakland, and Alana Gallery in Oslo. During her career as an artist, she achieved various accolades, such as being granted the Residency Award at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute of New York University and the Artist in Residence title at the University of Richmond, both in 2017. Plus, in 1969, Hashmi was honored with the President’s Award for Printmaking in India.