As India entered its third stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nerves and the tension only seems to be increasing. The country is locked down till 14th April as of now and people have no idea what’s happening. The ones who are quarantined safely at home are all good but what about the ones who are stuck outside?

63-yeard old Cancer-survivor actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi is one such unfortunate example. Nafisa revealed to the media and we quote –

“The grocery shops are shut for the last six days. I’m a cancer survivor; I need to eat proper food. I’ve been eating just dry ration for the past many days — there are no vegetables, no fruits. We’re so cut off. I’m in Morjim and people here are having a terrible time. It’s only in Panjim that the situation is fine. My heart goes out to everyone.”

She further adds,

“My grandchildren’s schools were shut; so my daughter was anyway scared for my health and so she asked me to come to Goa. And then there was the lockdown and everything is shut here. All my medicines are finishing. The courier services are not working so I can’t have them delivered from elsewhere. So what option do I have now? I’m not taking any medicines, which is not good for my health,”

She also told everyone how her niece Diya Naidu who returned from Switzerland earlier has tested positive in Bengaluru.

Here’s hoping things end on a good note for everyone. For more updates, stay tuned to