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Chavittu Natakam: The Folk form of Kerala.

Chavittu Natakam – Folk Theater of Kerala

Chavittu Natakam, a theatre form, is a folk art form known for its alluring make-up of its cast and their detailed costumes, defined gesture, and detailed body movements. It is known that the art form flourished in Kerala with the spread of Christianity.

Chinna Thampi Pillai and Vedanayakan Pillai are considered to be the founding fathers of this art form. The influence of the western visual art opera can be recognized in Chavittu Natakam.

Many other art forms have also influenced Chavittu Natakam.

The most attractive feature of Chavittu Natakam is the artiste stamps the floor producing sounds while dancing; hence it is also known to be Stamping Drama. As this is a European play majority of costumes is mostly in Greek and Roman attire. The most popular plays in Chavittu Natakam are Carelman Haitham (Charlemagne the Great), Brijeena Charitham (Life of Queen Brijeena), Marthoma Sandesam (Message of St. Thomas), St. Sebastian, Daveedhum Goliyathum (David and Goliath), etc.

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