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Drama or theatre is the way of understanding one’s culture in details and in an insanely entertaining way. Drama is an important cultural activity of a society. The dramatisation of any sort can help us in reconstructing any part of history effectively.

Emerging Trends in Indian English Theatre

The beginning- Natyashastra: The mixture called Natya is a blend of rasa, bhavas, abhinayas dharmic, vrittis, provrittis, instruments, songs and theatre. Sanskrit-language drama flourished in its glory till the end of the 15th century but thereafter Indian theatre almost came to an end due to British invasion on India.

When the English people came in India, the already almost dead Indian drama regained its strength. Thus, the western influence awakened the dormant, critical impulse and need of sort in the country to bring Indians face to face with new types and forms of life and literature, and to cultivate the way for beautiful cross-fertilization of ideas and creative imagination. Next, we were introduced to a phase wherein dramas in English like The Bombay Palkheewala and Bengali Baboo entertained some big fat Indian weddings and similar ceremonies of other religions.

In the early 1920s, a new and more creative drama in almost all the Indian languages came to the fore; it was a drama highly influenced by movements like Marxism, psychoanalysis, symbolism and surrealism.

The emerging trends of the Indian English theatre are making our authentic drama more liked all over the world.

The actor-audience relationship has grown over time and made the theatre house a comfortable and relaxing surrounding for all.

Mastered professional action through dance, music, masks, and half-curtain. In the plays like Hayavadana, we find the use of all the stylised elements of Yakhshagana.

Even in schools, the initiative to make theatrics and drama, a career option, theatre festivals and drama events are being held & trainers from all over the globe are called for providing their professional pieces of training.

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