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Remember when women were judged to be in theatre?

Women in Modern Indian Theater

In this patriarchal dominated society, the process of socialization begins with the time when as a kid you segregate between toys and colors. Gone are those days where women were just entitled to kitchen spaces and not allowed to step out of the house. Now they have not just stepped out of the house but have reached the moon.

In today’s theatre, we can see gender-biased roles, the gender gap in payment of salaries and much more. They are never acknowledged for the varied roles they play and are painted in varied shades. But women have been taking a stand and fighting to get a place and make an identity of their own and not be reduced as a damsel in distress. The roles which were earlier male-dominated are now played by women. The feminism wave made women stand up for themselves and fight for their identities. The stereotypical image of women being sexual objects is changing. Although the process is slow it is said something is better than nothing; also it is always better to be late than never.

Women are not perfect of course, but who is perfect? Let’s celebrate women for everything they are – strong, sensitive, loving, independent, goofy and all and everything under the sun. No matter what role she is given, she will always slay it.

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