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Apps like TikTok, are good for hobby but one should not make it a priority: Dr. Farhan Khan aka Fizuliyat QUITS making videos

Top comedian and crowned Indian TikTok rep Dr. Farhan Khan aka Fizuliyat with a fan base known as FizuKiSena has earned more than 1.2 million followers through humorous original and lip sync sketches.

He began posting photos to Instagram in December 2013 and he joined TikTok back when it was still known as He also won Favourite Indian Muser 2017.

In an exclusive conversation with, Farhan spoke about his journey and more…

Talking about his journey, he says, “I used to make dubsmash videos usually on Bollywood numbers. One of my friends suggested me this new app named and few of the top users recognized me. I befriended them. The India was new and we started to know the team behind the same. Then the videos viral in India and was explored by all.”

He further adds, “Chinese people kept a meet and greet. Suddenly I was exposed to the celeb kids. It took 30 mins to reach from the gate to the stage as everyone pounced on me to click selfies. I was taken aback by the responses as I was never expecting it. Later, I took time out from my clinic and started making videos. 2017 was a big year for me and, as the app reached a lot of people. I also won the award Favourite Indian Muser in 2017. However, now I feel the generalization of app has caused little problem. Post that when it became TikTok, there have been only 2-3 good creators or else there has been n number of creators who have put anything and everything to just become famous and get few numbers.”

When we ask about his view on these short form videos and their impact, he avers, “Few months back, people were using the app as a hobby but just because we few of us got famous through this app without any association with web world, TV show or Film fraternity, people now think that it is the easiest way to enter the entertainment world. The youngsters have a belief of this being the simplest way to get famous. The app randomly generates numbers and put videos on trends hence these youngsters have numbers also. When we go and tell them that you should focus on studies and do a job to secure yourself, they show us numbers stating that they are famous and popular. It has become hard to convince these kids which have fake belief that they will make it big. I fear and pity that they may lose their future without having a proper career plan and vision.”

Farhan feels these apps are good for hobby but one should not make it a priority. “This app is good for a hobby. However, living behind your job and studies, making it a priority is a problem. People are making it a priority. They are coloring their hair and doing hell lot of expenditure on themselves. There is a group of boys who have gone viral. They have become inspiration to others. They say padhai sab kuch nai hota. This is idiotic. The app randomly pushes videos which make such guys get involved more and create more videos. This is the reason I have left making videos. It has been only 1-2 months. I feel that I have become a face of these apps so I cannot lead a community being misled. I thought to stop and send a message that study first and then make it a hobby.”

On an end not, he spoke about his future plans and shares, “I am associated with TVF for 6 months and have done couple of campaigns for them. I was approached for TV series but I did not opt for it as I don’t stay in Mumbai. I have a clinic to handle and stay with my mom so at max I have give 10 days time not more than that. I am getting into TVF and the web world.”

We wish him luck.

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