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Read to know if Dark is copied from Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube video

“When Ashish Chanchlani Says Netflix, DARK is copied my YouTube video”

The king of Slapstick comedy, who has earned millions of fans on YouTube, Ashish Chanchlani is one of the most favourite YouTubers amongst the millennials of the country. Ashish Chanchlani is famous for his casual and easy humour, especially appreciated for his local linguistic approach. The characters in his videos are so relatable and realistic, though exaggerated; but that’s what we love!

The YouTuber has gotten more than 18million followers, but he has also expressed grief and said why depression is a common thing during this lockdown right after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and revealed how hatred and attacks might lead to depression. Here is the video!’


But, apart from that, there’s a buzz around the Viner, lately! Well, the Vines wala banda was going viral again with one of his Twitter posts, where he humorously said, that Dark has copied his concept, it was a fun post, and Ashish just compared his video with the Netflix show. The post was hilarious AF and fans had a great laugh watching the video and applauded Ashish for his grand hilarious relatable content.

Here is the tweet!

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