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Ashish Chanchlani has been amazing as an artist and a creator. Let’ take a look at his amazing journey through his incredible characters

Ashish Chanchlani and His Special Characters

Ashish Chanchlani has over 15 million subscribers on YouTube. Ashish Chanchlani is a youngster who used YouTube to transform his passion for acting into a full-time vocation. He is a popular Viner, actor and a YouTuber, who moved the internet by uploading his comic vines on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. He achieved fame in a short span of time and very soon became a celebrated face among numerous youngsters. His journey from an engineering undergraduate to an internet celebrity wasn’t easy but was absolutely worth it.

The actor does character sketches of things that happen in the everyday life of youngsters, like about their crushes, or exam time scenarios, which we can’t help but relate to. He also involves his family and friends in these videos, which we find adorable. He has garnered the audience’s favour over the years and it has been largely through his sketches that he reaches out to them. With many characters played over the years, one of his most popular characters is that of a drunken uncle, who is recurring in a lot of his videos. Ashish knows how to get to his audience and who he is supposedly targeting.

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