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Ashish Chanchlani Vs Technical Guruji: Who’s Your Favourite Youtuber?

Whenever we talk of Indian YouTubers, some names always crop up in our mind, including Ashish Chanchlani and Technical Guruji. One is a comedian another one is who showcases technical stuff and reviews it. Now with their different genres, it is undeniable that Indians love both of them.

Ashish Chanchlani, who is famous for his slapstick comedy, is an inspiration for the youth. He was into engineering but left it and began his journey as a YouTuber. Ashish’s vines are very relatable with reality. His exaggerations are what that makes his videos funnier. His channel has earned more than 17 million subscribers and is a celebrated digital star across the globe.

Technical Guruji, half of the youth check for Technical Guruji’s review of a certain handy gadget before buying it. Now that’s already enough to define Technical Guruji. Moreover, the nation trusts him as a valid source of information. His YouTube channel has owned more than 15million subscribers; he is a great time orator, and that’s what makes people love him so much.

Now to say who is better would be vague, both are perfect in their own particular genre. Comparison between them would be vague, but what do you say? Do you feel one better than the other? Then, let us know in the comment section below!

Here we have lined down some of their videos!

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