Here are some of the best videos of Bhumika Gurung on Tik Tok.

Best of Bhumika Gurung on Tik Tok

Nowadays, we see a lot of Television actresses turning towards Tik Tok to show their acting skills. Some of them have turned out to be the among the top Tik Tok stars like Jannat Jubair, Avneet Kaur, Aashika Bhatia, etc.

Bhumika Gurung, the Indian television actresses better known for her character Nimki in Nimki Mukhiya, has also been active on Tik Tok for some time now. She also has over 1 million fans on Tik Tok and the number is increasing with every passing day.

Here are some of Bhumika’s best videos on Tik Tok.

This is a really funny video by Bhumika, dancing on the tunes of Hera Phera song Aye Meri Zohrajabeen with her co-stars. We can see that she has shot this video in her Vanity during a shooting break.

In this, we can see her trouble a kid who is trying to get his candid photo clicked and the video is very funny.

The above Tik Tok is done on the sound from Ashish Chanchlani’s video on youtube. The expressions that Bhumika has displayed in this video are really great to watch.

This is just a small list of videos from Bhumika Gurung on Tik Tok. There are a lot more than this and you should visit her Tik Tok handle to see them.

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