The best part about Love, Lust and Confusion 2 is that every character is so very relatable: Tara Alisha Berry

Tara Alisha Berry aka Poroma Sarkar of Viu’s series, Love, Lust and Confusion gets into a conversation.

The best part about Love, Lust and Confusion 2 is that every character is so very relatable: Tara Alisha Berry

Talented actress Tara Alisha Berry has played out the complexities of her on-screen character, Poroma Sarkar in the Season 2 of Love, Lust and Confusion presently streaming on Viu. The Season 1 of the series was very well-received and is now streaming its second season which comes with quite a lot of surprising twists. The series is produced by Mango People Media (Nehaa Anand and Victor Mukherjee) and directed by Victor.

Says Tara, “Season 1 of the series saw the exploration of all the characters with respect to the kind of life they wanted to live and kind of people they wanted to settle in with. In Season 2, all characters have gone a bit more mature is what I would say. All are strong in a way and look forward to living the life they want.”

Season 2 of Love, Lust and Confusion opens with Poroma enjoying her live-in life with Rahil Khan aka Gaurav Chopraa. “As you can see in the episodes, Season 2 started with Rahil and Poroma being together. Well, our chemistry and bonding has been so much loved by people. In fact, we used to get messages from viewers saying that they were rooting for Poroma to end up with Rahil. So yes, the bond between them has grown too. In season 1, Poroma learnt a lot from Rahil. And now, the story has gone a step further wherein both Poroma and Rahil are going through this relationship.”

Describing Poroma, Tara states, “Well, Poroma has a certain expectation about herself now. She wants to decide who she wants to live with and likes to be with.”

Ask Tara if Poroma has learnt from past experiences and she says, “I don’t know if people ever find out what they want in life. There are so many choices available to us that we really find it tough to figure out what we want. So for Poroma, all this is part of her journey.”

On her personal satisfaction on playing Poroma, Tara expresses, “I personally want to thank our Producer and Director Victor Mukherjee to having believed that I can play Poroma. He is an amazing director to work with. He has so very well worked on the human psyche through these young characters. The best part is that all characters in the series are so relatable.”

Tara is overjoyed with the response gotten from the episodes that have streamed so far. “I will not want to say much about the various options that come Poroma’s way and how she will figure things out. All I will say is that viewers will be keen and glued to the story line till the end to find out what is happening.”

Tara, we wish you all the very best!!

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