Actor Gaurav Chopraa needs no introduction!! He is presently seen in the role of Colonel Rawat, from the Indian Army in the Sunny Deol starrer film Gadar 2 which is doing great business and is being appreciated by every Indian.

In a candid chat with Gaurav Chopraa, we at talked to Gaurav about this role and film.

Read on.

How is it to be part of the cast of Gadar 2?

I am very excited to be part of Gadar 2. It is a landmark brand, it is a big ship sailing for 22 years and getting audiences’ love nonstop. The film has been loved for all of its elements. I clearly remember watching the film years back. I had not decided then to be an actor. Now, I am a part of the sequel to the film. It feels really special.

What excited you about this role?

Around 2020, I wanted to diversify my work and wanted to do something different. For the next three years, only three roles were said yes to. The first one was Bachchhan Paandey where I played the main antagonist opposite Akshay Kumar which was a dark part. The next was Prince Reddy in Rana Naidu on Netflix which was different with many shades. The third one is Gadar 2 where I play a patriotic Indian army officer. Not only are these three roles different, I have tried to look very different in these films.

Take us through your character in the film?

For my role in Gadar 2, 10 kg was put on. Diet was followed, I let go of the gym. Colonel Rawat is that soldier who makes you feel safe. He comes with a sense of responsibility, every time you see him in Gadar 2.

What are the challenges you had to overcome to play this role?

There was an extensive effort that went into looking like the man from the 1970s. It took about 15 to 20 days to define the moustache. The next step was performance and understanding the nuances of the Army man. I had to be very correct and was trained under the Army officers. I am proud that I was able to do justice to the role.

How was it shooting with the cast of Gadar 2?

Working with Sunny Sir was an immensely delightful experience. He is so much like Tara Singh. Acting becomes easy when your co-actor is like the character itself. The passion and the love that he has, how grounded and simple he is, are amazing traits. He is able to maintain that irrespective of his superstardom. With Ameesha Patel too, working was awesome. She has maintained her so well. She was very sincere and rehearsed her lines well before the shoot. This is a special film that I will remember for life.

You have played some unique roles recently. Take us through them.

Yes, as I said, I wanted the audience to see me in different shades. I took these three parts. I am satisfied that I am on the right path.

What are the projects up your sleeve now?

Post Gadar 2, I will be seen making my debut in a Punjabi film where I play Haji Mastan. He is a legendary character in the Indian gangster story. He has been played before by Bachchan Saab in Deewar and by Ajay Devgn in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. But this is the first time that Haji Mastan shall be played as Haji Mastan himself. I am excited to play another landmark character.

What are your takeaways from this role?

The most special thing about playing Col Rawat was to play the man in actual uniform which was set in a story with fiction depictions but with true incidents. This is a great amalgamation of fiction and Indian History. But when you wear the Indian Army uniform and represent India and the Indian army onscreen in a film as big as Gadar 2, the responsibility becomes daunting. At the same time, I am proud of the fact that I have been able to do it with utmost sincerity.