Maanvi though was known earlier she first came to international attention for her acting skills after portraying a crazed fan in the 2008 movie ‘The Cheetah Girls: One World’. Her dancing skills and lessons from her youth thrust her into acting after she was cast in a Disney India series about an all-girl school band. She played Ambika Gill, a tambourine playing Bollywood fan, and at the time was considered an excellent role model for the young girls of India.

Maanvi has taken a break from acting in 2008, despite receiving multiple offers for TV & film. She said she took the break, as she was annoyed that all the roles she was offered appeared to be for the same character: a loud, happy bimbo.

During her break, she attended the Gargi College and graduated from there in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. Multilingual personality, she speaks English, Hindi and Kashmiri, and is learning Bengali.

Maanvi gave a critically acclaimed performance in the movie ‘No One Killed Jessica’ in 2011, which premiered in at the Cannes Film Festival. She soon went on to star in the male-dominated web series TVF Pitchers, and then its subsequent spin-off TVF’s Tripling. Her performance was praised by critics and described as surprisingly powerful.

We totally love Maanvi in TVFs originally series tripling. Her acting in that was really commendable. The role was a bit different and for sure not very easy to portray, but Maanvi did it very well and she totally owned the role and that’s not just with this role, Maanvi is the best in whatever she does and we totally adore her for that.