Check out who is the most successful YouTuber in India BB, Ashish or Be Younic

Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, Be YouNick: The Most Successful Youtuber In India

YouTube and YouTubers echo with these names always when we talk about it. They are BB Ki Vines which is obvious, Ashish Chanchlani and Be Younick. Three of them have always entertained us to the fullest, with their unique content and humour.

Bhuvan Bam, also known as BB Ki Vines the guy who is adored for his versatile incarnations in his videos. His characters are so hilarious and bring the nuances of daily life. His channel too has more than 18million subscribers so far. But among all his videos and characters, the most loved one is TiTu Mama, the video has gotten the highest views over 45million so far. BB’s recent video showcasing his interaction with the strugglers of the pandemic is winning the hearts of millions. The generosity he has towards the common men is absolutely commendable.

Ashish Chanchlani, the famous YouTuber who is famous for his slapstick comedy, has hit more than 18million subscribers so far. With his grand teamwork, his video “Exams Ka Mausam” has been marked as his most viewed video so far, it has gotten more than 60million views so far. The video is so darn hilarious and relatable.

Nikunj Lotia aka Be Younick, one of the popular YouTubers in the country, who usually makes comedy videos. He has caught collaborating with other well-known YouTubers as well, like Ashish Chanchlani, Mostly Sane and others. Nikunj has earned more than 3million subscribers on YouTube. He is extremely talented and owns a very witty sense of humour. We wish him all the best. Nikunj’s simplicity and humble replies have always won our hearts. Nikunj has never neglected the power of his original content, he has always entertained us. We wish him all the best.

Three of them have already seen the peak of their success, now as they say someone is better than someone, same goes with this instance as well. But it depends on the individual’s perspectives.

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