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Our favourite stand-up comedian Vir Das always manages to nail it with his slapstick comedy!

Comedian Vir Das’ top funniest quotes that will tickle your funny bone

One of the most popular and funniest Stand-Up Comedian in India, Vir Das has truly established a name for himself. With a combination of wit and intelligence, he knows how to hit the right notes and get the audience cracking up in no time.

He is not just a comedian but also a brilliant actor. Having starred in Bollywood movies and currently seen in the American sitcom Whiskey Cavalier, Vir Das has managed to capture quite a global audience. The guy is currently on an American tour doing shows in front of packed theatres. An impressive feat, indeed!

If you follow him, you will know the comedian also often speaks out on politics, religion and feminism. He is also not afraid to take on the trolls and instead uses them for entertainment value. Smart, isn’t it? Only a few bit of comedians manage to toe the fine line when broaching a heavy subject and Vir is among them who manages to not only make people laugh but also think.
Comedian Vir Das' top funniest quotes that will tickle your funny bone
Here are some of the funniest quotes by Vir Das that will make you laugh out loud and sometimes, get you thinking!

  • Indians FTW!
    Once you go brown, All the other colors let you down
  • When Vir Das got introspective about breakfast cereals
    I grew up in the universe of cornflakes. Cornflakes has three active ingredients – Corn, Flakes, Sadness
  • Reality of Indian Politics
    Politicians are just DJs, we’re the idiots dancing.
  • The Sad Indian Media Circus
    I honestly think that if one of our major celebrities took a photograph of a cup of sperm, our major newspapers would publish it as an article about a future star child.
  • When Vir Das explained the concept of Indian arrange marriages in the most American way
    Donald Trump is your arranged marriage because in the most literal sense your parents picked this guy out for you.
    With his tongue-in-cheek humor and slapstick comedy, Vir Das continues to entertain us in the best way he can!

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