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In an exclusive conversation with, TikTok star Manav Chhabra aka Mr MNV talks about TikTok and more….

Competition on TikTok has increased tremendously: Manav Chhabra aka Mr MNV 

Manav Chhabra, Mr MNV, is one of the leading creators of our country. He originally hails from Chandigarh and is now based in Mumbai. He has graduated in BA LLB honours from Punjab University. He has a following of 1.1 million on Instagram. He is widely loved on both TikTok and YouTube and his overall reach targets to about 5.5 million+ users.

He was one of the first people to detect the TikTok uprising and made full use of it, starting early and growing ever since. He has a loyal following that has followed his trajectory and creative work from the day he set a mark on this platform.

Manav has been around the world, and this is just the beginning for him. Manav walked the ramp for The Bombay Fashion Week very recently and has been the Indian International Representative for TikTok. He was amongst the only 3 Indian Celebrities to interact with Dua Lipa backstage (the other 2 being Shah Rukh Khan and Nofiltr’s Mrunal Panchal). He was also one of the stars on an episode of  Colors TV’s Prime Time Celebrity Comedy Reality Show Khatra Khatra.

In an exclusive conversation with, he talks about TikTok and more….

Manav, how does it feel to be a digital star?

It feels great. I think social media is the strongest platform and being one of the top social media influencers in India is a huge thing and I really respect that. All credit to the people supporting me from the last 2-3 years

What keeps you motivated in life?

All the fan pages, the edits, the supports, the long fan texts and most importantly the support from my family and friends. Blessed with the best family ever. I have never felt alone in this journey. The family is just increasing day by day.

How did you think about various ideas while making a TikTok video?

It depends on what type of video I want or what my mood is like, or what type of concept I want to make. I just get in the mood and start shooting. Mostly my videos are very random. Not at all easy to make a video. People just get to see the 15-sec result but it’s a lot more. It involves hours of thinking and planning on how to shoot. Plus the competition has increased tremendously.

How have you evolved as a star?

I don’t treat myself as a star. But yeah there are a lot of changes to my daily routine and my lifestyle, but I’m happy that all changes are in a positive way.

Competition on TikTok has increased tremendously: Manav Chhabra aka Mr MNV 

What challenges did you face in your journey?

A lot of criticism from my own friends and a lot of pressure to make content daily. But it’s all a part of the journey, I enjoy every bit of it.

Who has been your biggest support during your difficult times?

My mom. She is the reason why Manav Chhabra is known as Mr MNV

Anyone you idolize in your domain?

Ranveer Singh

Ever fancy working for television or movies… or the internet is your preferred choice of medium?

Both. I want to balance both offline and online platforms.

Competition on TikTok has increased tremendously: Manav Chhabra aka Mr MNV  1

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

I think fitness has helped me a lot in evolving as a good performer. Healthy lifestyle, eating good food always make me feel positive.

What kind of content do you love watching on digital?


Any final thoughts for your fans…

I don’t have fans, I have a huge family, who is always there for me, no matter what and they all know how much I love and respect them. Thank you and love you all to the moon and back.

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