If you are a Ashish Chanchlani fan, here’s a fun trivia for you!

Posts that prove Ashish Chanchlani is the most relatable celebrity ever!

If you spend even a fraction of your time on the various social media platforms, you will certainly not have missed the internet and YouTube sensation that is Ashish Chanchlani. The guy is truly a genius and if his massive social following is anything to go by, people definitely love him.

With 14 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, this guy is one of the top Youtubers in the country. As his fan, you might be aware of most of his life story and career growth. The youtuber started as a viner and grew to be among one of the most famous Indian internet personalities.

And today we bring you some of the hard hitting questions that will test your knowledge as a die-hard fan of this Indian youtuber. Are you ready? Then take a test:

·      Did you know Ashish made his debut on television. Guess the name of the TV show.

·      You must know that apart from being witty, the youtuber is also smart. That’s right. Ashish holds a degree in engineering. Can you guess which college did he graduate from?

·      Since starting his youtube channel, he has uploaded various videos on the platform but do you remember his first ever video that went viral?

·      His popularity means he works with a number of Bollywood stars and often features them in his videos too. Although, he finds his inspiration with THIS bollywood star. Do you know who?

·      Being successful, Ashish has won various awards over the years. Can you name a pretigious award that the youtuber won last year for his work in digital media?

If you can name every single one of the above questions instantly, consider yourself a die-hard fan of Ashish Chanchlani. Congratulations!

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