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Are you a die-hard fan of Vir Das and take this test to prove yourself right.

A die-hard Vir Das fan? Take a test

Vir Das is an Indian Comedian and Actor who after starting his career as a stand-up comedian turned towards the Bollywood industry and played comic rules in many movies. He has done acting in over 30 plays and performed stand-up in over 100 different shows over the years.

Vir Das has a good fan base when it comes to his comic timings. Are you one of these fans? If yes, then here is a text for you to prove if you are a die-hard fan of Vir or not. So let us begin with the test.

1) Where was Vir raised in his childhood?

2) On which show did Vir perform his first stand-up?

3) Which was Vir’s debut movie?

4) How many shows does Vir have on Netflix?

5) In which movie did Vir play Chandu?

6) What was Vir’s name in the movie Mastizaade?

7) In Which year did Das release his first music album?

8) Through which show did Vir become the First Indian Comedian to bring a Comedy Special on Netflix?

9) Has Vir ever been a part of my American series?

10) How did Vir start his television career?

We recommend you complete this test all on your own and you are definitely a die-hard fan of Vir Das.

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