You adored them when you first met them, and you adore them even more now. Bollywood’s kid stars have grown up a lot since we last saw them on-screen with superstars like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and others. Whether it’s Siddharth Nigam from ‘Dhoom 3’ or Ahsaas Channa from ‘Phoonk,’ we take a look at the incredible transformations of Bollywood’s biggest child stars.

Who’d have guessed that Anuj Pandit Sharma, the adorable Sardar kid who starred alongside Hrithik Roshan in ‘Koi… Mil Gaya,’ would grow up to be a real hunk? This young man has abandoned his baby face and is certain to make any young lady weak at the knees.

With her arrangement in ‘Phoonk,’ Ahsaas Channa may have caused you nightmares, but today she is the element of daydreams. The diva who first won hearts by playing a boy in films like ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’ and ‘Vastu Shastra’ has grown into a beautiful girl with exquisite looks we’d like to see more often on the big screen.

When photos of Siddharth Nigam’s makeover went viral, it appeared as if he had pulled off the greatest con of all of his fans. In ‘Dhoom 3,’ the hazel-eyed youngster who played little Sahir Khan and Samar Khan (Aamir Khan’s younger self) is now a handsome teen with a chiseled figure to drool for. We’re blown away, and we can’t wait to see him back on the big screen in his new attractive and ripped body.

Do you recall Ali Haji, who starred with Salman Khan in ‘Partner’ and played Kajol and Aamir Khan’s son in ‘Fanaa’? Well, the sweetheart has matured into a dashing hunk. Ali has gone quiet since his stunning reunion with Salman on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ made headlines.

Salman Khan has featured alongside a number of children as well as given other women, such as Katrina Kaif, their big Bollywood debut. One of his most celebrated collaborations was in the blockbuster movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ with little miss Harshaali Malhotra. The adorable little lady, who won many hearts with her adorable performance, is gradually maturing into a fine young lady, as evidenced by this latest snapshot on her Instagram handle. Despite the fact that she has yet to appear in another film, she has made a name for herself through modelling and signing numerous sponsorship deals.

Cutie in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, Preity Zinta’s younger brother, Athit Naik, has matured into a wonderful young man. However, it appears that his passions have shifted to working behind the camera as a cinematographer. Athit apparently makes short films to pursue his passion in the film industry, with one of them making it to the Cannes Film Festival.

Fatima Sana Shaikh is also included on this list. While the actress is now well-known for her role in ‘Dangal’ alongside Aamir Khan, she previously appeared in ‘Chachi 420’ alongside another renowned star, Kamal Haasan. Fatima is now a full-fledged Bollywood actress with a slew of exciting projects under her belt, including Abhishek Bachchan’s ‘Ludo’ and Rajkummar Rao’s untitled feature.