Candid chat with Tisca Chopra

I feel Dr. Meera Anand from Hostages is my best role till date: Tisca Chopra

Bollywood actress Tisca Chopra is all set to make her web debut in a Hotstar special show ‘Hostages’ by Applause Entertainment.

Talking about the series, she says, “This show is extremely special. This is one of the best characters I have ever got to play. Dr. Meera Anand and her family is taken hostage. She is told that if she wants her family safe, she will have to kill her patient, who is a Chief Minister. The moral dilemma she goes through and how she deals with the situation is the story of Hostages. It’s an exceptional role and would be streaming on Hotstar. We have a great director in Sudhir Mishra, also an exceptional cast, great production value, so I had no reason to deny to this project.”

Ask about working in different platforms (TV, Cinema and Web), she adds, “I think every platform has its own special point. Theatre is really good to get an instant response. It is also the actor’s medium. The film has great reach and tremendous longevity. I believe the web has the best stories. Some of the most intelligent audience watch the web. I am waiting to be challenged in some new way. I have never taken up anything or everything. After Hostages, the bar has been raised in my own life, now I can’t do anything lesser than this. I feel this role in Hostages is my best role till date.”

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