Renuka Shahane who is presently seen in Dice Media’s What the Folks 2 gets into a conversation with

What the Folks Season 2 is a series that caters to families: Renuka Shahane

Seasoned performer Renuka Shahane is presently making the masses smile with her effervescent portrayal in Dice Media’s What the Folks Season 2. The series coming from Pocket Aces is presently being streamed on Dice Media’s YouTube page.

Renuka is paired with noted actor Shishir Sharma in the series and the two of them go back a long way. “It was an extremely enjoyable journey being part of the series. Shishir and I have known each other from the time I was 18 years old through our theatre journey. It was very comfortable working with him and the rest of the actors too. Our 3 Directors were simply amazing. Everybody was so good to work with, being on the same page.”

Renuka and Shishir play parents to the lead guy in the series, Veer Rajwant Singh (Nikhil). The series features Eisha Chopra and Kriti Vij too.

Talking about her character Vandana, Renuka avers, “Being Vandana was really fun. She is a cool mother-in-law. As the series would progress, you would see much more of it. What really attracted me to the role is that she has a great sense of humour, and accepts other people’s flaws. Also, Vandana is so down to earth and has a cool quotient about her.”

The best part of getting associated with the series for Renuka is that she gets to mingle with such a young crowd for the first time in her career. “It rejuvenates you as an actor and you get to know how the youngsters of today think. I was very glad to see their approach towards work. They are really very sincere and honest, always raring to do something that is ground-breaking. This is expected from the older generation, but with the newer generation, you are always on the edge (smiles). But it was not the case here.”

“I am a Director’s actor. I keep myself open to accepting what the Director has to say. So it was glad to work with the three directors here. This has been a good and refreshing journey for me,” she adds.

Talking about this family in the series, Renuka states, “The bottom line is that there is a sense of communication going on between the older generation and younger generation. They enjoy each others’ company. It is a kind of series that everybody can see, which caters to families,” she states.

Renuka however states that in real life, there is quite a lot of communication gap that happens between parents and the younger generation. “In today’s times, parents too have a lot of things to do. There is no time for communication. It is very essential to have this communication going when the kids grow up. That is where this series shows a good example. More of the real families should be like the family shown here.”

Well-said, Renuka!!

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