Young and talented Samridhi Dewan entertained audience as the ‘imperfectly perfect’ Isha Sanghvi in Zoom Studios’ Imperfect.

Now she plays a very contrastingly different role in Hotstar Specials’ series The Office which is the official remake of the cult British and American show also called The Office.

For Samridhi, The Office was her debut work for real, as she shot for it even before Imperfect happened.

Says Samridhi, “At the time when they were casting for The Office, I was a complete fresher with no major work to speak about. I was quite shocked to see that new actors were also being auditioned for such a big adaptation. When I went for my third round of audition for The Office, I was the only newbie amidst the other known options for the same role. I never thought I had a chance of making it. However, I wanted to enjoy the process and decided not to think of the outcome. I was surprised and taken aback when I bagged the role. It was unbelievable for a newcomer like me to bag a role in the adaptation of The Office. The feeling was really insane and huge.”

The two characters that Samridhi has played so far (The Office and Imperfect) were like chalk and cheese. “Isha was a very different kind of person when compared to Pammi. I hope this difference comes across well in the way I have portrayed both the characters. The struggles for Isha of Imperfect were on a different scale. Pammi wants the basic things in life and is somebody who wants to try and make the best of what she can in the office.”

“Pammi comes from a more relatable background. I am from Delhi and Pammi is from Faridabad. So there is a kind of similarity. I very easily understood what Pammi was. The character was very well-written,” Samridhi adds.

Samridhi feels lucky to have shot with the huge ensemble cast of The Office.

Ask her about the takeaways from this experience of The Office and she is quick to say, “I really took away few things from the set (smiles). I took away with me all the receptionist cards of Pammi Goel that were made for my character (laughs). I stole all of them from the set. I wish I had taken home more of the stationeries that we used in the office. I spent so much time shooting in the reception area for the series that I loved being there. Having said this, I never wanted to get into an office job, but ended up having one good experience with this one. It was fun playing Pammi. There was a lot to learn from Pammi. She was calmer, sweeter and nicer. She was more of a giving human than I am in real life. So I would want to be like her in this aspect in real life too.”

Samridhi will play a boxer in her next work on the web, which will be a short film.

Ask her about any dream role that she has in mind and Samridhi states, “My dream role is that I play everything that is different as possible. I have been called for many different and interesting concepts. So let us see, what clicks next.”

Samridhi, best of luck!!