Samridhi Dewan the talented young actress has been versatile in the projects she has taken up. She has been part of some wonderful projects in the web medium in The Office, Imperfect, Stories By Rabindranath Tagore.

Samridhi is a perfect foodie to the core and loves to enjoy the delicacies she likes.

In a candid talk with, Samridhi talks of her food choices.

Check them here.

What is your favourite cheat food?

Chocolate, Cake

What would your last meal on Earth be?

 Gol Gappe

Do you cook at home? What do you make? 

I do not cook at all, unfortunately. I can make a few things though

Veg or Non Veg?

I am a non-vegetarian, but I do not eat seafood at all. Being from Delhi, we are more of chicken and meat-eaters

Baked or fried?

I would say baked over fried

Soup or salad?

Salad over soup. However, I really enjoy some soups. I enjoy Mulligatawny Soup

One vegetable that you hate the most?

I don’t think there is any like that

Your erotica food?

I have never associated food with erotica at all. But if I do, it will be some sort of Dessert like Mississippi Mud from Big Chill, in Delhi

Weirdest dish you ever ate?

The weird mixtures I try at times in food. Like with Dal Chawal, I try out Ketchup. I have a bad memory but feel that I have done this

Celebrity you would love to cook for?

It will have to be a celebrity I hate because I cannot cook (laughs)

Midnight snack? 

A whole Dairy Milk

The dish that your family loves when you make:

I hope they would have liked it when I cooked. But I don’t cook (laughs)

The best compliment got was for which dish: 

I have got compliments for ordering dishes at restaurants (smiles). You can rely on me when you go out with me. I can order really good food