Candid chat with YouTuber Rajat Sharma

One needs to be very patient to start a Youtube Channel: The Rajat Code’s Rajat Sharma

Jalandhar boy Rajat Sharma, a popular YouTuber has come a long way. He creates content for his YouTube channel ‘The Rajat Code’. Bringing smile on the face of his decoders (as he refers his fans), he never wanted a desk job and wanted to do something creative in life.

Talking about his journey, he shares, “I was born and brought up in Jalandhar. I did B Com. My mom is a teacher and dad is a businessman. I was an average kid in school. She wanted me to do good in academics, but I was excellent in extra-curricular activities. I used to participate in theatre plays and communication based programmes.”

Rajat further adds, “Later, I flunked in one subject and had 1 year gap. In my free time, I started watching videos, and decided to take up this as my full time career. I never wanted to do a desk job. Especially, I never wanted a boss to order me. I wanted to do something on the creative front. Lilly Singh’s videos used to inspire me a lot. Also my teachers were my inspirations.”

When asked what advice he would like to give to the upcoming talents on the platform, he quips, “I wanted to do it for myself. I hate the word fans. I call them decoders. To the upcoming YouTubers, I would like to ask them to be consistent. Every week upload a video so that audience gets hooked to your content. Secondly, you have to be very patient. For the initial four months, I did not even cross 1000 subscribers. I used to get frustrated but I was tolerant. I am happy now I have a huge family and people recognize me as a content creator on YouTube.”

Rajat shares that he never had a struggle period because he had understanding parents. “My parents understood the concept and they were very supportive. The biggest challenge was to shoot the video alone. Initially, my sister used to help me but now I have become pro. They used to read of Lilly Singh in papers, so they knew her. It was easy to make them understand my working style.”

Way to go boy!

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