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Popular YouTuber and Actress Rippy Koul talks about the transition from businesswoman to an entertainer

Rippy Koul is one of those women who has believed in never limiting herself and exploring her talent and abilities. That is the reason why she is not just a successful businesswoman but also a successful influencer and content creator.

The young woman is a YouTuber and has collaborated with a number of national and global brands including Loreal Paris, VLCC, Renne, Morgansalchemy, Bioderma, Senchafit, Levenrosebeauty, Care Of Vitamins, Vibe Los Angeles, Zanya Wellness, Organic Care and O4U.

She has been titled as Ms Comedian in the state of Jammu & Kashmir back in the year 2017 for her comedy videos which became very popular. With her different and relevant content, she has won the hearts of the audience and continues to grow exponentially in the digital space.

When asked about the transition from a businesswoman to someone who is now in the entertainment field, Koul says, “Never limit yourself to only one genre or category of work. As a businesswoman, I was sure about my skills as an influencer. The kind of content you create plays a very important role in building your audience. My aim has always been clear – to create relatable and authentic content.”

Rippy is already a part of a feature film called ‘Kashmir – The Final Resolution’ where she is playing the leading role. Produced by Atlantic Films, it is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The young actress is also a part of the TV show called ‘Nation Building with Yuvraj Kumar & Rippy Koul’.

The young actress is actually and IT professional by qualification. She has completed her master’s degree in Management Information System from the USA. While she has worked with one of the most renowned consulting firms of USA, McKinsey, she had later started her own firm called SIEM Facility Management.

We are excited to see Rippy Koul on the screens with her next project!

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