Priyanka Panchal gets talking about her short film on adoption, Acceptance

Priyanka Panchal speaks about how her short film Acceptance talks about adoption not to be seen as the last resort for having a kid.

Priyanka Panchal gets talking about her short film on adoption, Acceptance

At a time when digital products depend on sex for eye balls, it is a refreshing change to come across a short film which tries to promote a social topic i.e. adoption in a very Indian family setting.

Acceptance, produced and directed by Sheila Sandhu (had first made award winning short Holding Back) stars Gujrati / Hindi film and theater artist Priyanka Panchal and well known choreographer Rajeev Surti (mentor, Dance India Dance and has choreographed for many films including Laagan, Namaste London and recently Aamir Khan Superstar). had a quick chat with Priyanka who plays a modern and compassionate housewife.

Says Priyanka, “The best thing happened for I got a chance to work with Producer Director Sheela Sandhu who I now call mama. She is a very chilled out lady and lets me do things the way I wanted. It was great fun.”

Talking about the concept of adoption she says, “It is sad that no one wants to adopt a child until the last resort when you can’t have your own child. We need to start looking at life from the orphan child’s perspective as even they want a family. Very few people want to help others for selfless reasons. I am very happy that our labor of love has already started to win awards (Canada Shorts Women Only Film Festival Rio and Spring Virgin cinefest Kolkata).”

“In our film we encourage parents who already have kids to give one more orphan a chance at a good life. You will need to watch the film to understand more,” quips the actress.

Talking about the digital medium she says, “It is serving as a bridge to many talented people who were otherwise not getting a chance to showcase their skills. Talented powerhouse like Nawazuddin Siddiqui had to wait for 7 years to get his place under the sun. Having said that, it is also showering name and fame to undeserving people as well.”

On her on-screen rapport with co-actor Rajeev, she states, “It was fun working as we have similar interests. He is very humble and down to earth despite being a big name in the field of dance. He also would praise my efforts when he liked it.”

Coming to shorts perse she says, “The length does not matter. If you have a clear concept, a good director and great cast you can get your point across to the audiences. Have we not seen several feature films crashing of late and short films winning laurels?”

In closing Priyanka says, “I hope we win even more awards, for this will help us get our message of adoption to a wider audience. We are also trying to tie up with a major OTT player to screen our short.”

Best of luck for this short!!

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