IWMBuzz enters into an exclusive conversation with Kirti Kulhari on her new show Four More Shots Please season 2

It is time to re-evaluate certain redundant moral codes – Kirti Kulhari

Actor Kirti Kulhari has become a known name in the film and web post her role in Uri and Four More Shots Please, respectively. Now the latter’s Amazon Prime series has just returned with season 2. IWMBuzz had a quick chat with Kirti about the same and her decade long journey in the entertainment space. Excerpts:

How is the lockdown treating you?

I know many must be thinking that I might be doing something interesting, but sorry to be a party pooper folks. I too am just adhering to govt’s stay at home norms. I exercise, cook a bit and help out with daily chores. With Four More Shots Please 2 just being dropped, I have also been busy doing interviews for four-five hours a day.

Will lack of on-ground promotions harm your show’s prospect?

No, with our premiere season being a big hit, most fans were anyway waiting for our four girls (Sayani Gupta, Bani J, and Maanvi Gagroo) story’s comeback. Also, the lockdown has seen a massive shift of new audiences to the digital platform. So a lot of people are checking out part 1 before binging on the new season.

What made season 1 click?

Its unabashed portrayal of the new woman, who lives life her on her terms. Yes, like everyone else, she too makes mistakes and owns up to it. This new independent zeal first started in the big metros thanks to education levels but is now percolating to smaller towns and cities. It feels refreshing when women reach out to us on social media, saying we speak their lingo. It is high time we jettisoned our ignorance and reevaluate all ideologies/moral codes which don’t serve their purpose now.

What will we see your character doing in season 2?

As you know, Anjana went through a lot of shit towards the end of season 1. Such a tough time always teaches you a lot, so she will move ahead and forge new relationships

The show is quite bold?

I have no issue in doing anything which is required to portray a character in its utmost honesty.

How do you see your journey which started with Khichdi: The Movie, and Shaitaan back in 2010-11?

It has panned out well. Many others have fallen by the wayside but I have gone on to do better work. I have also worked on my craft. Now is the best time to be an actor for there is so much different type of work waiting out there to happen.

Web vs Cinema?

The former allows us an opportunity to dabble with very complex plots and that too in the longish form ( 8 -10 episode seasons). That is not taking away anything from cinema which will always hold an essential part in my career. Bollywood has changed for the better with a fusion of both commercial and offbeat films (her strength ). We are churning out good stories told entertainingly (Pink).

How did Uri change your ballgame?

It made me a household name, raising my market value which any actor worth his/her salt hankers for. Apart from the financial stakes, my character, though billed as special appearance, got lots of love. Mission Mangal with Akshay too added heft to my CV.

How was the experience of doing Netflix show, Bard Of Blood with Emraan Hashmi?

Emraan and I shared a great bonding off-screen, while generating a good amount of on-screen chemistry as well.

What’s next post lockdown?

There are a few more OTT projects lined up. I always believe in doing quality as opposed to quantity work.

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