Gaurav Chopraa who plays the elegant and class-personified Rahil Khan in Viu’s Love, Lust and Confusion 2 gets into a conversation with

I have used quite a lot of my life experiences in playing Rahil Khan in Love, Lust and Confusion 2: Gaurav Chopraa

Talented and versatile actor Gaurav Chopraa has been playing the Mr. Perfect Rahil Khan effortlessly well in Viu India’s now-streaming series, Love, Lust and Confusion 2 produced by Nehaa Anand and Victor Mukherjee (Mango People Media).

When Season 1 of the series happened, Gaurav had quoted to us at saying the role was one of those rare ones, rarely written and that he is lucky to have got to play it.

Talk to him now, and Gaurav is so very confident about this character being one of the gems for the writing style adapted.

The role which was initially supposed to be just a 1 or 2 episodes cameo has grown big, courtesy the efforts put into its characterization and the manner in which Gaurav has played it.

Says Gaurav, “Rahil Khan has been a very interesting character to portray. People who know me closely would know that a huge amount of Rahil Khan is in me. I would say that this is a magical casting as the coincidence here is that the character is actually a strong part of who I am in real life. Rahil wants to pursue life and understand the people around him in the same way as I have done in my journey. Rahil’s character is very relatable to me. Rahil’s take on life, people and relationships is similar to mine in real life. Honestly speaking, I have used quite a lot of my actual life experiences in my character this season.”

Gaurav appreciates the manner in which Rahil Khan’s camaraderie with Poroma Sarkar has been written in Season 2. “They make for a very interesting combination. While Poro is very impulsive and fast, Rahil is more of the calm and mature guy. This combination of the spunk in Poroma and the calmness in Rahil has been really interesting. They actually compliment each other very well.”

On the present season, Gaurav avers, “The equation of Poroma and Rahil has been taken a step ahead in Season 2. I like the way they call their togetherness as ‘Situationship’. It means that they are trying to evaluate each other and are pondering on whether they need to settle down or look for options in life. This is a very special equation that they share. This season has also given rise to the romantic side of Rahil. When he started off, he called himself a traveller, who just cannot settle. Now that he has stopped travelling, it really speaks volumes of  this cute equation he shares with Poroma.”

Gaurav gives credit to Producer and Director Victor Mukherjee and says, “Every character in the series is as per Victor’s vision. The best part is that everyone is so magically cast in characters that are very true to what they are in real life. This is the beauty of it. So it becomes easier for me to see Poroma in Tara and the same is with her.”

Way to go, Gaurav!!



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