Sachin Verma who is seen in the Viu series, Truth or Tamanna? talks about his role and series.

Web allows you to breathe, and lets you perform the way you want: Sachin Verma

Actor Sachin Verma’s emphatic portrayal as the rich and sophisticated brother of the protagonist Tamanna in Viu India’s web-series, Truth or Tamanna?, has caught the eye of one and all!!

Portraying the role of Randhir Walia, Sachin has a meaty character to depict and has played it to elan!!

Says Sachin who has been part of many TV shows, “I am myself very happy to see the edited product of the series. We had not been shooting it in a sequential manner. But the manner in which our Director Pushkar Mahabal (who is also the Editor) has paced the story line is very immaculate. Pushkar who has been associated with Ram Gopal Verma has that edge in him to build thrillers and mysteries.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed playing the role. Being a TV actor coming to the web platform, it feels as though you can breathe and perform the way you want to and contribute well. The pressure to go by the channel’s criteria is not there on the web. You get to explore a new side of you when you are not bound by restrictions. I am looking forward to more work on the digital platform,” he states.

Talking about the story line, he appreciates the way in which every character has been shown to be in the good as well as bad light. “The good part is that all characters are present in every episode and nobody has been shown neglected. So all of them remain to be suspects even now and are not out of the story. Also, the person who is shown missing is shown in the present and also in the past story. It has youngsters involved and also actors with experience. Even my mother at the age of 60 watches the series and is involved in the mystery element. Also the musical drama has been kept as just the backdrop, and makers have not fully concentrated on song and dance.”

Sachin praises the work of Vrushika Mehta who plays the central character of Tamanna saying, “Vrushika is doing a good job; she has managed to capture the attention of the people with her portrayal. She’s very natural when it comes to showcasing her acting talent on screen.”

Sachin also appreciates the makers’ (Frames Productions) efforts to give the best of costumes to the actors. “A lot of work was put up on the costumes and this really showed that the makers were motivated to give their best to everything involved.”

Ask him what keeps him away from TV and he states, “Both art and content has to combine and I need to get what I want in terms of the character. I am not greedy about running after back-to-back projects. I am keen on the role being noticed for the meat it has. So now it zeroes down to being greedy about playing good roles.”

Best of luck for your next, Sachin!!


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