Review of Dice Media’s Home Sweet Office – One of a kind attempt

IWMBuzz reader Krishna Prasad reviews Dice Media’s Home Sweet Office

Review of Dice Media’s Home Sweet Office – One of a kind attempt

Working at home and working in office are poles apart. Dice media, from the stables of Pocket Aces, after successfully reaching millions of hearts with their webseries Little Things, Adulting, and few other remarkable ones, has come up with a new story, a story about how it feels when your home is your office. Dice Media has released its new webseries, “Home Sweet Office”, one of a kind attempt.

Episode 1: Conflict of Interest. The very first episode starts with a breakup conflict story. The story has two cousins, Adhira and Shagun, who run a small beautiful business, named “Happily Hitched”, from their home, where they make wedding arrangements, video shoots for wedding, sell products like T-shirts, mugs, etc. This guy named Akhil, who had broken up with Adhira six months ago, comes to meet with Adhira and Shagun to discuss about his marriage arrangements, video shooting and other further arrangements. But Adhira, his ex, is still in denial and frustrated, indirectly stating that she doesn’t want to take this deal. Shagun talks to Adhira privately, and tries to convince her. Meanwhile, Adhira’s father finds Akhil in the room and enters into a hilarious chat with him. The girls tell Akhil that they’ll inform him shortly. Akhil leaves to meet Priya, his fiancée. Later the next day, the girls end up meeting Priya. They discuss what to do about the arrangements of the marriage and the shoot. Adhira returns home after the meet, and sits silently in an upset manner, reminiscing about Akhil. Her father consoles her and makes her feel okay, giving her positive vibes. Things settle down well, Akhil writes them a cheque the next day, Adhira feels happy and decides to move on and focus on her business.

Episode 2: Internal Politics. Adhira and Shagun check out the wedding video that they had shot. It turns out to be hilarious, but they decide that business isn’t the way how it runs. The client they deal with here is Geetanjali. While the cousins sit for dinner, they discuss with the family about the business and the client. So the whole episode revolves around whom to choose –should they go with a monotonous aunt from the bride’s side or a vividly drunk aunt from the bride groom’s side. But later, after a head to head talk by Adhira’s parents about their pre-wedding memories, they think that may be they’ve overweighed the situation. But in the end, everything isset right, including the video they made, because of the old dating photos they’ve used. A tip: Save your old dating photos, so that you’ll know how your memories have travelled with you.

Episode 3: Poaching the Talent. These days, finding a right person with all skills is really a tedious task to find. Vishnu, their house help, wants the two cousins to take him as an office boy for their business, to carry out the gazillion teeny-weeny chores they don’t want to bother themselves with. They too think it’s a good idea, coz, instead of taking the trouble of finding an office boy from scratch, it’s better to take Vishnu who is their house help already. But the idea reaches an impasse, ending up in disagreement and arguments. Indu (Rajiv’s wife in this series), asks Rajiv to take a decision about Vishnu and his career. In the end, they make him join a factory and things get sorted out regarding his career. The two girls finally decide to work together on their own.

Episode 4: Business Secrets. This is more about ethical dilemma and moral principles. After seeing footage revealing that the bride’s friend is drunk, Adhira’s mother wants them to convey this sensitive matter to the bride before marriage. But the two cousins don’t want to interfere in someone’s personal matters. Meanwhile Adhira’s father tries convincing them not to proceed or interfere in their personal matters. The cousins get suspicious; they realize that there seems to be something fishy behind the scenes. Finally, Rajiv reveals to Indu that he had once been engaged to and then broken off with Reema Goel (Bridegroom’s mother), and this leads to a squabble between them. Eventually, Adhira’s father reveals the secret to the girls too, and tells them to not enter into their personal matter. The earlier issue regarding the drinking was also known by the bridegroom and the bride very early and everything gets sorted out.

The whole series is an exceptional one and showcases a different concept. It is shown in the simplest form and offers better learnings to take home from this series.

Best lines and few good messages from the webseries to take home:

  • “I know it is hard to take decisions at times like these, but you have to face the situation ahead”
  • “At times we feel that our friends have moved on, but we’ve gotten left behind. At times like these, you need to be the strong one, considering that you are strong, you are independent”.
  • “Whether it is life or business, partners should have a conversation”
  • “It’s not about money, it is about importance”
  • “No matter what happens in life, conversations shouldn’t stop”


  • Barkha Singh as Adhira
  • Isha Talwar as Shagun
  • Shabnam Vadera as Indu
  • Yogendra Tikuas Rajiv
  • Directed by Sonal Batra
  • Concept and written by Yudhishthir Agrawal and Srijan Shukla


Rating: 3.5/5

(Written by Krishna Prasad)

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