Review: TVF Bachelors season 2

TVF Bachelors 2 is interesting in bits and parts

Review: TVF Bachelors season 2

TVF, the viral fever, is pioneer in the digital space and is known for its superb content. But sometimes cinematic liberty, if taken to the extreme, can also prove to be jarry and painful.  Well, this was our experience of watching initial couple of episodes of TVF Bachelors season 2.  Agreed the World Wide Web allows you the freedom to  show what you want,  but that does not mean you totally lose the plot as well.

This new series traces the trials & tribulations of four crazy bachelors facing problems like getting a job and surviving month end (no money, time) etc.  Every episode takes inspiration from a film,  if the first  episode had  Shahrukh Khan’s Chak De avatar, the second drew inferences from Saif Ali Khan’s zombie  flick Go Goa Gone.

The main crop of actors perform with finesse and intrigue audience with their laudable performances. (Jeetu – Jitendra Kumar, Jassi – Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Badri – Badri Chavan, Shiv – Shivankit Singh Parihar, Bholaram Tiwari – Gopal Datt).

Digital star Jitendra ups the ante in his act and emotes effortlessly, displaying his prowess as an actor. The ATM scene is cocky. The ‘salaries getting credited’ moment is relatable, drawing nostalgia.

To be fair to the makers, (written by – Himanshu Chouhan, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Abhilash Roy, Co-Written By – Jatin Birajdar, Rohit Gouti, Badri Chavan and Directed by Amrit Raj Gupta) they have chosen a theme which netizens  (young demographic) easily identity with i.e. satirical  presentation of how to  crack a  job interview and office politics in the form of game with the canny old lady.

The biggest problem is that the dark quirky humour plot used to depict bachelorhood issues miss the mark at times. The first episode is still funny,  lesser said the better about the second zombie one.  The aim to take a normal situation and go crazy with your imagination seems to  have gone awry.

We can just  hope that the creatives use the one week break between episodes to add some coherence to the currently loose and not making any sense script.

Also, given the above limitation 20 minutes run time gets too long,  especially if you watching on the phone.   Having said that, this kind of unconventional humour also has its own  takers.  Have not bizarre western shows also done well?

TVF content is free to air,  hence they need to depend on sponsors and in-brand placements which they have milked quite well.  But will that work here,  here the jury is still to be out as far we are concerned.

Bachelor 2 brings into focus the very perennial question of sequels. While we rightly don’t  want a strong property to bid adieu after just one season, but  sometimes makers just don’t have the required  juice to take the legacy forward.  And  since the original was so popular, public expectations further rise.

Since the story is about bachelors, we are sure creatives down the road will also deal with sex and relationship.  It would be interesting to see what funny devise they use  to make us laugh.

We would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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