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Digital content in the Indian entertainment ecosystem is enjoying a surge that is unparalleled in the history of content creation in the country. Not even the satellite boom of the early nineteen nineties had witnessed this phenomenal speed and diversity in the creation of shows, as is being witnessed now, in the online entertainment space.

Indian digital-scape is currently teeming with OTT platforms, upwards of 40 at last count. Besides the astounding number of shows being released every week, what boggles the mind is the sheer diversity of genres that features in the online repertoire of shows. And one genre where the online space steals a march over television, and even Bollywood for that matter, is the edgy kind. The lack of censorship, a defining feature of digital content, allows makers to create the kind of content they could only ever dream of creating until now. Andif a producer did venture into edgy territory, he would be certain of attracting diabolical cuts and the much-maligned ‘A’ certification from the censor board.

Net result – the Indian content space was woefully devoid of the Game of Thrones, Twilights, Basic Instincts and Fifty Shades of Greys of the world.

With the advent of the golden age of content, aka OTT age, all that is changing, and how! Edgy content is being made and disseminated in all its dark, disturbing glory, and viewers are quite delighted. After all, they can now watch thought-provoking content that challenges their grey cells, instead of the same old inane stuff of yore.

2019 will see the release of several shows of the aforementioned kind. One such show that promises to dazzle viewers is called, quite intriguingly, I Me My Mine. It is a 3-season episodic umbrella, comprising of 4 individual stories each season. Your favourite IWMBuzz is privy to the theme of the first season, which is based on twisted tales of LOVE. The concept is HOW WELL DO WE KNOW OUR PARTNER? You could be in a long-term relationship with your partner, be it your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or live-in partner. But do you know whether they really are what they appear to be? Or is there a hidden facet or nuances to their personality – something dark, dangerous…..edgy?

Brrrr, the very premise of the show getsyour teeth on edge and gives you goosebumps. I Me My Mine will peel those very layers hidden under wraps of conventional relationships, to reveal enthralling climaxes. Prepare to come face to face with unexpected, unpredictable truths that exist in society but are kept secret due to fears of acceptability, social image, fame or societal taboos.

The first story of Season 1, called ‘The Honeymooner’, is complete and already a hit in the festival circuit. Starring Tanuj Virwani and Aahana Kumra, The Honeymooner has picked up 2 awards at the Global Indian Film Festival (GIFF). It is now travelling to international festivals on its way to seeking global laurels.

The Team

Producers –Triplets Entertainment UK Limited, a UK-based moving arts and production company, are the primary producers and the driving force behind I Me My Mine. Owners, Balli Arora and Surbeer Kapoor, are committed to delivering quality content across all entertainment channels. It is their vision to promote the finest entertainment projects, with the sole aim of keeping their audiences binged.

Co-producer – Madhur Agarwal, of Shot By Shot Films, is the dynamic force behind I Me My Mine. A media and entertainment veteran, Madhur has been in the industry for 12 long years, during which he has gained considerable knowledge and experience in the intricate workings of the industry. The project is the culmination of his vision and conviction regarding the gripping premise of the series. Right from conceiving the story idea and concept, to creating and directing the series, Madhur has been involved in every aspect of the conception of I Me My Mine.

Recently, Madhur Agarwal directed a Kingfisher Ultra web series called ‘What’s Your Status’, starring Abhay Mahajan, Megha Burman, Sheeba Chadha, Shishir Sharma and Ivan Rodrigues.

Madhur’s Shot By Shot Films is co-producer of I Me My Mine.

Associate Producers – Chaar Yaar Entertainment, the hybrid entertainment company comprising of 4 partners, are the Associate producers of I Me My Mine. The partners are an eclectic bunch of individuals who live, breathe and know entertainment inside out –

Veteran actor, writer and singer, Manmeet Singh, has been associated with cinema for over two decades. He is best known for his work in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

The second partner is Sunmeet Kaur, better half of Manmeet. She has the distinction of being the first lady to win the jackpot in KBC Season 6.

Seasoned Melbourne actor, Vikram Kumar, who picked up his acting chops in the Anupam Kher Acting School, has acted in Hindi, Punjabi and English movies in India and Down Under.

Dr Bhawna Kumar has a PhD in marketing. She brings to the table a rich experience of corporate tie ups and developments. She is the social face of Chaar Yaar Entertainment.

I Me My Mine is unlike anything you’ve seen on your screens until now. Coming soon on one of your favourite OTT platforms, it promises to be a scintillating watch.

All we can say is – get ready to be shaken, stirred and shocked like never before!

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