ULLU app founded by Vibhu Aggarwal will soon launch yet another interesting web-series!!

Titled ‘Gandu’, the series will have an interesting take on the fashion industry. The series will be directed by Shagir Khan.

The series will have actors Paras Madaan, Mohit Nain, Khushi Mukherjee and Ruma Sharma playing central roles.

As we know, Paras has also shot for another web-series for ULLU app, Wolf of Bollywood. Mohit is presently seen in Perfect Pati, while Khushi Mukherjee was seen in Splitsvilla 10. Ruma has been part of ULLU app’s series Guardian.

We buzzed actors but could not get through for a comment.

We reached out to the spokesperson at ULLU app, but did not get revert till we filed the story.

Watch this space for more updates.