The Season 2 of What The Folks, of Dice Media will have Shishir Sharma and Renuka Shahane in its cast.

Shishir Sharma and Renuka Shahane join Veer Rajwant & Eisha Chopra in Season 2 of Dice Media’s What The Folks!!

Dice Media, of Pocket Aces will soon come up with the Season 2 of its most popular web-series, What The Folks (WTF!!).

Yes, you heard it right!!

What The Folks encapsulates the struggles of Nikhil, a young man who is forced to live alone with his in-laws for few weeks. The series captures the bitter-sweet relationship of the man with his in-laws.

As seen in Season 1, Veer Rajwant Singh who was recently seen in The Reunion will be back in the role of Nikhil. Eisha Chopra will continue to play his on-screen wife.

However, there will be new entrants in Season 2, with versatile and seasoned actor Shishir Sharma and the powerful performer, Renuka Shahane.

As per reliable sources, “Shishir and Renuka will play parents of Veer, aka Nikhil.”

We reached out to Shishir Sharma who confirmed his presence, but refused to divulge details.

We contacted Ashwin Suresh, Founder, Pocket Aces, but did not get revert till we filed the story.

Watch this space for more updates.


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