Karan V Grover will be paired opposite Chhavi in the SIT ongoing series.

Shitty Ideas Trending ropes in Karan V Grover as new lead in ‘The Better Half’

Karan V Grover, who has bagged raving reviews for his ‘Rockstar’ role in Viu India’s recently launched web-series, Spotlight 2 will now hop on to another entertaining web-series, which will showcase the romantic side of him!!

Karan will be joining the family of Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) and will get on board the ongoing series, ‘The Better Half’. The series as we know, had Producer and Actor Chhavi Mittal and Sukant Goel playing the lead couple.

But now, Karan will be replacing Sukant in the role of Rishi!! As we know, SIT is being helmed by the creative mind, Mohit Hussein and Chhavi Mittal.

We hear that Karan has started shooting for the series, and the first episode with him in the lead will be aired this Friday, 2 February.

We at IndianWikiMedia.com talked to Chhavi who confirmed the news saying, “Karan will be opposite me now in The Better Half. We wanted to re-package the series. We had wanted to work with him for a while and we are happy to have him on board. With him coming in, we plan to bring out different elements in the husband-wife relationship. We will be increasing the fun quotient as well as the romance quotient.”

Explaining more on the new content that will be made available, Chhavi explained, “We want to bring in a different take; this is just an endeavour to continue to bring out the entertainment factor without making it monotonous and boring. Previously, Rishi’s character was more practical. But with KG, we want to bring in a fun element as well as play up more on the romance. We have still not tapped the romantic element in The Better Half. With a lot of female following on the channel, we saw the need to tweak the programming to raise the entertainment value.”

Are you all ready to watch Karan V Grover and Chhavi in action?

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