Karan V Grover and Kanika Mann wish luck to their favourite contestants on COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’

Bigg Boss 16: Karan V Grover and Kanika Mann wish luck to their favourite contestants Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta

All the contestants in COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ have started bringing out their own game. Amongst all the contestants, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary stands strong and gives a tough fight to others. With each passing day, she is getting better making her one of the strong contestants in the house. Ankit Gupta started as an underdog but now it seems he had his own way of playing the game as he has observed every contestant at the beginning and will now gradually show his true game plan. Talking about their individual games, Udaariyaan co-star and dear friend Karan V Grover sends good luck wishes to Ankit and Priyanka. Kanika Mann who is Priyanka’s close friend is rooting for her and is dedicatedly following her friend’s journey in the show.

Talking about the same, Karan V Grover he says “I haven’t had enough time to watch the show due to my shoot schedule, but from what I know about Ankit and Priyanka they are strong competitors in their own way. Ankit is patient and firm and knows what he is doing. On the other hand, Priyanka is a firecracker and full of high-octane energy. She would not only be Ankit’s strongest support but also his competition. I hope one of them wins the show, either way, I get a party of sure. Keeping jokes apart I wish them both luck and I hope the trophy comes home.”

Kanika Mann also adds, “I’m only watching Bigg Boss for Priyanka, and she’s hands down one of the most powerful players in the house. She’s so strong-headed, practical and empathetic at the same time; that’s a terrific combination! That’s the personality of a winner!”