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Sharma Sisters the YouTube channel is out and you can check the cool banter between the sisters.

Tanya Sharma and Kritika Sharma thrilled about their YouTube channel, Sharma Sisters

Tanya Sharma and Kritika Sharma, together called the Sharma Sisters have kick-started their YouTube Channel!!

Tanya popular for her roles in Saath Nibhana Saathiya and Kritika who was seen in Thapki Pyaar Ki have been working on this idea of creating a space for themselves wherein they will hang out and entertain masses.

Says Tanya, “We have observed that whenever we have put up pictures together, we used to get a really good response. So people have been suggesting us to do something like this together for YouTube. Kritika knows me in and out and I know her in and out. Also the idea of two sisters entertaining people with their channel seemed to be a fresh idea. Not many have attempted to do this. The only popular sisters that I get in mind are Nigaar Khan and Gauahar Khan.”

Talking on the idea, Tanya says, “We have determined our minds not to expect anything out of what we are doing for six months. We are getting a very good response for the promo that was launched on 11th September night. Today we have put up our first video. The videos are going to be are about how we are, unknown facts etc. We will also work on challenges that we throw on each other, and go to public places to fulfil the challenges. Also we will have celebrity sections. We are also open to feed backs and suggestions.”

Tanya and Kritika have a well-thought of plan of shooting two videos a week. They have a small team in place with a cameraman and editor. “We need to brainstorm new ideas and keep it going. We are looking forward to the challenge. We are working a lot towards making Sharma Sisters a good YouTube platform for people to visit.”

To check and subscribe to Sharma Sister on their YouTube channel, click here.


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