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Popular TikTok star Disha Madan flaunts her baby bump, thus announcing the news of her pregnancy.

TikTok star Disha Madan pregnant!

Popular TikTok star Disha Madan is presently enjoying her pregnancy phase!!

Disha is wedded to her boyfriend Shashank Vasuki Gopal on 9 April 2017.  Disha who is all set to embrace motherhood flaunted her baby bump via a cute Instagram photo.

You can see the picture here….


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In a recent post when I asked about how many pregnant women were on my list, I saw so many of you on my DMs & comments! So here’s a post for you 🙂 . 1. Be Happy! This is probably the only thing that matters! That glow on your face isn’t just because of having a little one grow inside you but also because of how healthy your mental state of mind is! If you ever feel down, call a friend, talk to your husband, watch a funny movie, get up and make yourself feel better 🙂 I know how days can get tough but I also know that happiness is in our own hands! . 2. Eat Healthy! This has been tough for me, I’ll be honest ? I’m someone that can’t stop at one scoop of ice cream or stay away from fried food! It’s been challenging to focus on eating fruits, drinking lots of milk and eating right. But you gotta do what you gotta do for the little one to be all strong and healthy ??‍♀️ . 3. Get Pampered! Make sure you’re getting good rest throughout the process of becoming a mommy! Get a foot massage, get an oil massage, get enough and more sleep and make sure you’re relaxed 🙂 . Would you like to know more about my journey? DM me or comment below 🙂 I would be happy to share it with you! ❤️

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Heartiest congratulation lady!

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