COVID-19 pandemic has an adverse impact on a number of unsafe populations. Amidst COVID-19, many students, job workers, employers, employees are quite worried about new future aspects and employment opportunities. At this time when the world has turned upside down, people like Himanshu Sharma and Manish Sharma are helping and imparting knowledge in the field of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing to all the youths who have not have enough time to consider the worth and the importance of this field.

Social Media Marketing and other businesses that depend on the internet have taken a huge toll in today’s world and the business market. It has become absolutely necessary now for the youth of the country to indulge themselves in considering the worth and their contribution in this field.

Himanshu Sharma, a very dedicated and sincere man from Unnao was quite passionate to learn and specialize in the field of Social Media Marketing stepped into the field of Social Media Marketing in the year 2010. The field of Social Media Marketing is not a cushy job. You have to face certain impeccable challenges in terms of quality and quantity and he overcame both of them with utmost sincerity and perfection.

He also started doing the business of ECom from the past few years and along with that entered in the field of Digital Marketing to add more versatility and constructive content for the users.

Manish Sharma, a very talented and desirous man with an ambition to learn Social Media Marketing started gaining its knowledge from the year 2015. He was also into the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite remarkable in itself. He is a multi-functional person who recently has started his new journey with FinanceX just to share his experience and his wisdom with the people about how to manage their finance and so on.

Both of them are men of their words. They diligently work towards the desired goal with utmost determination in order to achieve the same with the level of perfection. They started helping the youth and imparting them with the knowledge of both Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing because they believe in “Sharing is power”. They believe that if they help others in need, they would in return help themselves to evolve in a better way with new experiences and opportunities.

They have recently worked together for many Ecom businesses and have helped each other to learn and practice Social Media Marketing in a much better way. They believe in teamwork and possess both positivity and personality in them. There are many business segments that test the skill of the person. Both of them help their clients to bring that potential and skill in themselves in the field of Digital Marketing. They accomplish their goals with utmost passion and focus. They both are a team, working together with their talent to offer immaculate services to their clients.

They have achieved milestones and have got success because of their consistent efforts and the amount of hard work they put into everything they do. To them, sharing what they have envisioned is extremely important for their personal as well as professional growth. They design logos and indulge in business perspectives that are quite diverse in today’s business ethics and market stability.

Both Himanshu Sharma and Manish Sharma have proved themselves to be worthy of their designation and their appreciation, working with high ambitions, determination, and courage to face and overcome challenges, having the risk-taking attitude, men of constant efforts, people who not only see dreams but wake up every day and work hard to fulfill them. Their thirst for gaining information and new ideas have made them what they are today.